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5 Benefits of Using Athena EMR Software Solutions

With years of experience in the industry, athena EMR is a “best of breed” electronic health recording software that helps practices stay on top of patient needs. The company owns a pool of talented professionals and is highly praised for the benefits it offers to the practices that choose to utilize it. It offers robust healthcare solutions to help thousands of users across the country become more efficient and productive. This software solution is flexible across multiple practice sizes and specialties. Moreover, you can book an athena EMR demo to see how the product performs in real-time. 

Athena billing software has also received perfect-starred reviews from users. It efficiently leverages data gathered from more than 160,000 medical experts that operate on its platform to improve the revenue cycle process and help practices boost their financial performance. 

athenahealth EMR software – An overview

athenahealth offers a cloud-based clinical and financial software solution for healthcare setups of different sizes. It combines robust healthcare IT technologies to improve clinical efficiencies and alleviate administrative burdens. The software helps you conduct all the clinical tasks efficiently, as well as enables you to manage intricate patient conditions with care. It streamlines practice workflows to promote patient-centric care. It effectively boosts patient engagement with patient portals, telehealth services, and online scheduling tools. 

As shown in athena EMR reviews, the vendor prides itself as a disruptor in the healthcare industry. They offer highly innovative solutions to meet the needs of modern facilities. This technology-driven platform also understands the basic needs of providers to ensure practice success. The company usually takes home the industry awards, such as Black Book and KLAS. 

What does athena billing software do?

athena medical billing software features a number of powerful tools that rely on athenaNet. The solution helps practices optimize their revenue collections beyond what several EMR companies offer. This revenue cycle management solution of the software also leverages a powerful, automated claims management engine, which is way more flexible than the other ambulatory medical billing software systems available on the market today. You can use the software’s revenue cycle dashboard to simplify daily administrative tasks and get complete transparency into your revenue cycle performance. 

You can access a variety of billing tools for managing denials and scrubbing medical claims. The software carefully reviews your CPT and ICD-10 codes. In addition to this, it files claims and scrubs all of them within the first eight seconds of receiving them. You usually won’t have to wait for more than three business days for your claims to get paid. 

athena medical billing services ensure HIPAA compliance and efficient claims processing. The vendor implements multiple security measures to make sure your daily operational tasks are fully compliant with security and privacy guidelines outlined by HIPAA. 

athenahealth practice management solutions

The practice management system is one of the most highly appreciated aspects attributed to athenahealth. It typically helps overall product reviews and offers robust solutions to let users optimize workflow efficiency. The company has proven results with their PM solution; practices usually get paid 32% quicker and end up resolving most of their claims in the first attempt. 

athena EMR reviews confirm that you don’t have to pay software upgrades, licenses, and installations. The vendor also claims that it does not include any disruptive claims. You can further evaluate these solutions by booking a demo. 

Top athena EMR benefits you need to know about

1. Patient-centric care

athena electronic medical records software focuses exclusively on promoting patient-centric care. It automates many of the daily repetitive and time-consuming practice tasks. Healthcare providers can quickly access patient information, demographics, insurance details, and other vital information to speed up the care process. This way clinicians can save up a huge deal of time to focus on what matters the most – patient care. 

2. Financial gains

athenahealth medical software solution offers a number of benefits for the business side of a practice. It comes fully-loaded with robust tools that help users minimize challenges and increase profits. The software aims to make a practice more competitive by providing tools that offer significant clinical advantages. It also leads to greater efficiencies and cost savings, ensuring a more stable bottom line. 

3. Enhanced patient engagement

Healthcare providers can connect with patients to disseminate important campaign information. Patients can also exchange secure messages with their physicians, request prescription refills, access medical information, view lab results, and more using mobile devices. Moreover, the software offers automated appointment reminders and notifications to reduce no-shows. 

4. Seamless workflows

athena EMR cost is set so affordably, even the smallest healthcare clinics can utilize this software to elevate workflow efficiency. It helps providers save time and deliver the most accurate treatment to their patients. The system efficiently optimizes workflow efficiency. Patients and providers can bridge the gap between schedules by communicating securely via real-time messaging. On top of this, it allows patients to schedule their appointments online. Overall, you can limit manual tasks for the front desk staff and meet unique practice requirements. 

5. Streamlined administrative tasks

Another aspect that makes athenahealth EMR stand out is its ability to seamlessly streamline day-to-day administrative tasks. It offers all the core features, including custom clinical templates, appointment scheduling, and medical billing services. These features help practices take their operational efficiency to the next level. Alongside this, you can access a vast network that helps the software continuously present its recommendations to users. All in all, the software’s top-rated reporting and management tools help you take all your administrative woes away. 

Pricing details

The company doesn’t give a ballpark estimate of its pricing. However, according to an authentic online source, you can get its EMR software solution as a stand-alone product for $140 per month per provider.

Wrapping up
athena EMR offers a flexible medical software solution for healthcare practices of various sizes. It is an ideal option for data-driven facilities that have a strong urge to get deep insights into their performance. The software has received multiple positive mentions from users for its comprehensive features that help providers in delivering the best patient care possible. For more information, visit Software Finder and get in touch with our team of experts.