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5 Best Apps For Learning Languages In 2021

Getting degrees online, shopping groceries online and landing jobs online – everything related to the Internet has been today’s latest trend, which is universally celebrated by people from all walks of life. Do you want to know what else can you get from the Internet? Yes – learning a new language! With the advent of world wide web, acquiring a new language is so much easier than before! Now, you can sit back, relax, and pick up another language just at the tips of your fingers!

Learning languages online has become a modern-day trend because some are provided for you just for free. So, you can now save some money by just learning languages online. Here are the top 5 best apps for learning languages in 2021.

1) Duolingo

If you’ve been surfing the Internet and looking for language apps, you’ll probably hear Duolingo before. This app is based on a freemium model; it’s entirely free – you have free access to its language content. Its game-like structure and look aim to make language learning less boring and dry, suiting its company’s purpose to provide a free and fun language learning experience. Yet, you have the choice to subscribe to Duolingo Plus if you want to get rid of the in-app ads and wish to download language lessons for free.

2) Ling

Ling App is another free, language learning app that offers to teach you more than 60 different languages. This app is exciting because it includes gamification and interactivity – some of the elements that you definitely need to get effective results in learning new languages! This particular app is also visually appealing – the web pages are easy to navigate, a lot of less popular language resources made available (including Croatian, Lithuanian, Khmer and Malay) and their language content covers from alphabets, vocabulary, sentence structures, speaking and writing and all the way to grammar. You can subscribe to Ling to get unlimited access to its language resources and an immersive classroom experience!

3) MemRise

If you want to learn speaking in a new language casually, MemRise could be the one. This app, however, isn’t free. You’ll get the taste of this app through its daily free lessons but need to subscribe to get the entire gist of the 200 languages learning resource. 

4) Babbel

This app is an e-learning platform that provides free learning of 15 different languages, which may sound fewer than what other language apps have to offer. Still, you can get access to 40 language lessons for free and subscribe to their plans for full access on all lessons from all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

5) Mondly

If you want daily language lessons which aren’t too overwhelming, try checking Mondly out. This app provides short, frequent lessons, focusing mainly on vocabulary and basic expressions. It has 33 languages, but the free contents are somewhat limited. So, you can subscribe to Mondly premium features to fully enjoy and access the lessons offered.

As you can see, learning languages has never been this easy. People use to physically commute and travel to go to classes just for the sake of acquiring a new language. So, seize this opportunity while you can and download these best language learning apps today!