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5 Best Languages for Gaming Translation in 2021

People play the game to refresh their minds from hectic routines. What if the game you want to play is not in your mother tongue? In this case, the game will not be the source of entertainment for you but it will frustrate you. As people opt to buy products and services in a language that they understand. The same is the case with games. People will download games that are in their native language. Here comes the importance of gaming translation services.

5 Best Languages for Gaming Translation in 2021

Do you know that there are around 7099 languages spoken around the world? Here the question is in which languages you must have to translate your games into. Before coming to the answer to this question, you must check the potential markets of the game industry that can provide you high revenue. The 5 countries that are providing maximum revenue in games are China, the USA, South Korea, Germany, and the UK. To penetrate these countries and to get high profits, you must translate the games into the official language of these countries. But how. In this regard, professional translation services companies can provide you with robust translation solutions.


The gaming industry in China is making progress by leaps and bounds. It is considered one of the lucrative markets of the word because of its high population and more mobile penetration. There are around 665 million players in China that spend 278 billion yuan on video games. To cater to 665 million players, you must translate your game into the Chinese language.  Different dialects of the Chinese language are spoken in China so to make your game compelling to the Chinese target market, you must for game localization.


The gaming industry in America is considered second after China and it is generating approximately 36.92 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenues. Do you know that 18.5% of the population in the US is Hispanic? Therefore many game developers translate their games into the Spanish language. Here the important thing to note is that Spanish spoken in Latin America is different from the Spanish spoken in Europe. Moreover, in South America, people opt to play games in the Spanish language rather than English.


South Korean gamers are the center of the e sports industry in a variety of different games. The country has a strong gaming culture and infrastructure that has made Korea a lucrative gaming market. The government of Korea is supporting the gaming industry by giving them leverage in regulations. The worth of the Korean gaming industry is 15.6 trillion. It is considered one of the biggest gaming markets in the world and it will grow up to 19.9 trillion in this year. Therefore to tap into the Korean market, you must translate the game into the Korean language to reap high profits.


Germany has the largest gaming market in Europe. Approximately 34 million people play the game in this country. The gaming industry in Germany is reaping high revenue more than the film industry. This is because the in-game purchase has overtaken the simple games. EUR 1.8 billion was spent on in-game purchases. Germany has the privilege of hosting many global gaming companies like Big Point, Game forge and Wooga.  These companies are flourishing in Berlin, Rhine, and Hamburg. Do you want to start a gaming business in Germany? For this, you must develop your games in German. But if for some reason, you have developed games in English then don’t worry, you can go for German game localization services.


The gaming industry in the UK is the sixth biggest gaming industry in the world. It aims to attract global talent to flourish the gaming industry more. Around 32 million people like to play games in the UK. There are many gaming festivals conducted in the UK. If you are a Chinese game developer then to tap into the UK gaming market you must translate your game into English.

English game translation will not only help to tap into the UK but you can attract the global passionate gamers while translating your games in English because English is a Lingua Franca.

Wrapping Up

Developing a game takes a lot of time, effort, and investment. To get the reward for all your efforts, you must translate your games into the above 5 best languages and hire professional gaming translation services for the best results.