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5 Classic Games To Help Pass The Time (That Are Available Online Now)

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The beauty of classic games is they’re just that, classics. 

The evolution of gaming, whether it’s the cultural impact or graphical developments, has done nothing to hamper the joy these timeless entries provide for millions across the world. Fortnite and Among Us might rule the world now, but classic games retain an important place in the hearts of casual and hardcore gamers. 

But “so what?” you might say, you can’t go back in time and load up your old Nintendo or family PC. But what if I told you those games you played to pass the time years ago are more accessible than you think? Here are just five we love playing online right now. 

Lottery and casino games 

As timeless as the tuxedos James Bond would wear to play them, classic casino games outnumber perhaps any other genre for play numbers and versatility online. 

Poker, blackjack, rummy — all those games you played in basements with your college friends are easily available to play online at a few clicks of a button. Whether you’re looking for the authentic casino experience or something a bit more modern with all the bells and whistles of a AAA title, the gambling experience you’re craving is out there (available with and without real money on the line). 

If you want something even simpler, the internet is home to countless iterations of the lottery. With people enjoying this luck of the draw since the Chinese Han Dynasty, it’s pretty safe to say it can be counted as a classic. As simple as ever, online lottery games are a great way to relax. 

Thanks to the marvel of the internet, it takes little effort to discern how to buy lottery tickets online. All you need to do is visit a respected online lottery, pick your numbers, purchase your ticket and then wait for your numbers to (hopefully) come good. The process is so easy that it allows you to enjoy online lotto games from the comfort of your sofa, bed or bathtub. 


This groundbreaking first-person shooter might have originally been released in 1993, but it still has a passionate and dedicated audience finding new ways to play to this day. 

The FPS genre has moved on quite dramatically since these humble and blocky days, but there’s still significant charm and a lot of fun to be had with Doom. There’s a reason this genre spawned comic books, board games and an (admittedly terrible) feature film. The action is great and there’s a certain atmosphere that’s as creepy and exciting as it is nostalgic. 

While the latest game in the series (Doom Eternal) made its way to consoles in 2020, the original can still be accessed through popular emulator sites such as Why not transport yourself back to the 90’s today?


For some people, THE title that got them even slightly interested in gaming, Tetris has had a surprising amount of longevity for what is essentially one of the simplest puzzle games of all time. 

But boy, is it addictive. 

Yes, over 35 years since it was originally released to the world, this Russian developed title is still enticing players to line up tiles for hours and jig to the iconic music. Tetris is a great way to nostalgically kill an hour or challenge yourself to break records. 

If you really want to push yourself, try and break some of the various records available online, some of which might be as old as your parents. But it’s not just your parents who will get a kick out of you pushing to topple these records, as the skills you develop could put you in a place where you can play competitive Tetris for cash prizes.  

Due to the wonders of the digital age, it’s near effortless to discover how to play Tetris online. You have to find a collaborative offshoot like Worldwide Combos or head to a noted digital emulator, choose your game and play for as long as you like. It’s so simple that you can do it while you’re on your phone, tablet or computer in a matter of minutes. 


Is Carmageddon fun? Well, do you enjoy the freedom and violence of Grand Theft Auto but wish the game was a little more surreal than realistic? Yes! Then this might be just the driving title for you. 

Originally released in the same month as the first GTA, Carmageddon, unfortunately, couldn’t find the success of its all-time best-selling counterpart, but the game lives on today as a cult game with a passionate online player base. 

Like many classic games of its time, you can play Carmageddon online through an emulator site. is a good place to find the title, alongside other retro entries that have passionate modding communities behind them. 

It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you want to give something new with a familiar feel a try to pass the time, there are few better classic driving games out there. 

Sid Meier’s Civilization 

Ready to glance up at the clock and wonder where your afternoon went? Because that’s what will happen when you boost up Sid Meier’s Civilization. 

One of the most love it or hate it games of all time, CIV has charmed and frustrated a generation of gamers in equal measure. This beloved strategy game takes everything you love about the genre and adds a layer of comic and versatile charm.

Giving you the chance to build up your own civilization from prehistory to modern-day (and beyond in later titles), CIV is a time drain if there ever was one. But oh boy, what a time drain. The hours I’ve lost to CIV are some of the best in my time as a gamer, whether it’s going to war over crucial land with friends or challenging myself to recreate the great empire of Rome (except this time with space travel). 

You can pick up a copy of the latest edition in the series and all its expansions on Steam, or jump right into the classic online at PlayClassic.

With this selection of timeless games to play, you hardly need to fork out of PS Play subscription or download the Steam library for undiscovered gems. Whether it’s killing an afternoon at home or occupying yourself on a long train journey, these titles truly live up to the classic name.