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5 Effective Tips to Earn Real Money on Esports Betting

Computer games are one of the most common hobbies. Users use PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Developers are constantly creating new games, and the most popular of them are played in major tournaments. This can even be an international competition, which flies the best players from around the world.

More and more projects are created for the players themselves. They are offered to have a duel, to make a bet, to try to win money fighting with real opponents. Professionals earn by participating in various events, signing contracts with brands, getting profit from streams and published videos. Participants in these events earn huge royalties, this is their main source of income. To receive invitations to tournaments, you have to go a long way, not everyone is able to do it. That is why many are interested in how they can earn big money.

Earnings from eSports betting

Becoming a professional player is hard work and it does not matter what discipline you play in. Extra-class gamers, who compete with each other at the world level, can earn 10-15 thousand dollars a month salary, as well as receive a percentage from winning tournaments and advertising contracts. There aren’t many such masters of precision clicking, but they do exist. If you have the talent and desire to develop, then you can easily find a team with an acceptable system of bonuses. Then all that remains is to conquer the small tournaments and wait for a chance to break into the world arena.

Those who follow the gaming industry and know exactly who will be the winner of this or that tournament should start betting. GGBET is currently the best eSports bookmaker. Their website accepts online bets on a variety of gaming disciplines. Most often, competitions are held in the following games:

  • CS: GO;
  • Dota2;
  • World of Tanks;
  • PUBG;
  • League of Legends;
  • Overwatch;
  • Hearthstone;
  • Smite;
  • Heroes of the Storm;
  • StarCraft II.

Most newcomers, consider betting on games to be a lottery. Predicting the outcome of this or that team clash is really difficult, but also the odds can be so high that even with a small bet it is possible to get a solid win.

What Do You Need to Win on eSports Betting?

  1. Betting on Matches. This method is probably the most common. Making money on bets is a risky business, but nevertheless real, so you should check the best odds first. Online sportsbooks in Latvia are well known for having the best odds for e-sports. To make good money from betting it is necessary to treat it with high responsibility, not to give in to emotions and stick to money management. In that case, it is possible to turn an interesting hobby into a full-fledged way to earn money.
  2. Writing predictions. Instead of betting on bookmakers, and listening to other people’s advice, you can understand cybersports on your own, learn to analyze matches, and make your own predictions on eSports for other bettors. Some particularly successful forecasters earn money by selling these very predictions. Others are engaged in writing analytics for various portals. In other words, it is possible to make money by selling your knowledge to those who need it, but you should master the scene on a good enough level, to begin with.
  3. Writing various materials. Some people are good at playing computer games and becoming cyber athletes, while others have a gift for good coverage of events involving professional players. If you have a gift for writing and you are passionate about cybersports, you can use your talent to make your way into esports journalism.
  4. Trading in-game items. Some Steam users manage to turn the process of trading in-game items to their advantage. Some may buy common items for cheaper and sell them at a higher price, doing this on a regular basis. Others may collect rare items and sell them for a high price. Others may be in the business of exchanging in-game items for real money, giving up items at a lower-than-market price.
  5. Moviemakers. One of the ways to earn in the sphere of cybersports can also be called activity on YouTube. This relates more to the topic of YouTube, but this method also closely overlaps with computer sports. You can create a channel where people will come looking for interesting videos with the highlights of the recently finished tournament. Or you can learn interesting editing tricks and create interesting, funny, or maybe even music videos of highlights from certain championships.


Anyone who is willing to do something can make money from video games. The sphere of computer competitions, just like any other, will not give money to those who do not work on themselves and their abilities. Any user can choose their own path to success in the world of eSports and write their name in the history of computer competitions.