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5 Essential Pieces of Equipment Every Bar Should Have

The opening of a new bar always requires a search for equipment to make it more functional, convenient, and attractive for potential customers.

In this article, we tell you about the 5 main types of equipment, without which no bar can not do.

Bar Refrigerators

Each bar owner should decide on the issue of cooling drinks.

If your customers often order bottled beer, it is worth buying bar refrigerators for storage. They keep your products fresh, cool, and tasty for a longer time.

When choosing refrigeration equipment, pay attention to the following options:

  • Depth: should be selected, based on how many bottles you plan to store and how much space you have;
  • Doors: sliding or hinged; glass or steel.

The organization of your workspace impacts the door opening type.

As for the material: Glass doors allow customers to see your range without opening the refrigerator doors.

On the other hand, steel doors can be applied with original branding, which will also acquaint visitors with your products.


In fact, it is the bar fridge. But if the first is needed for bottled drinks, this one is designed specifically for storing beer in kegs.

Choose a kegerator, based on what size kegs you want to place in it:

  • Corny keg holds 5 gallons;
  • Sixth barrel is designed for 5.16 gallons;
  • Quarter barrel can contain 7.75 gallons;
  • Half barrel is used to store 15.5 gallons.

Cooling system

Here you have 2 options:

  • For a small bar, where barrels of beer are placed directly at the bar counter, an air line model is more than enough. 
  • In case you own a large establishment where the barrels of beer are located at some distance from the bar counter, we recommend using the glycol line. In addition, such a system allows faster cooling as well as more accurate temperature values.

Beer dispenser with draft beer faucet

For beer dispensing you need a beer tower. This is a container that is attached to the beer barrel with a beer line and shank.

This is the only visible part of the whole beer dispensing system, so you can make the serving process more spectacular by installing a stylish and eye-catching beer tower.

There are ceramic, cylindrical, T or Y-towers, elbow, double, indie, and models in the European style on the market.

There are also various types of beer taps available:

  • The most popular is the tap with a rear seal;
  • The model with front sealant allows you to reduce the impact of oxygen on the equipment so that the dispensing process will be more hygienic;
  • There are also special models for dispensing nitrogen varieties of beer, ale, and stout.

Drip tray

Essential equipment, helping to keep your bar clean and tidy. 

There are several types of drip trays, depending on the type of installation: on the bar counter, under the kegerator, wall-mounted, portable, etc.

You can buy all this equipment on the Beverage Craft site. The brand is popular among brewers and specializes in beer equipment. Brand representatives will gladly help you choose the models that will satisfy all the needs of your bar!