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5 Healthy Teas Every Athlete Should Drink

Being an athlete requires a lot of work. It requires a lot of physical exercise and discipline. It is also all about diet. The diet of an athlete helps him achieve maximum performance. The diet of an athlete must contain herbal teas. Herbal teas like green and black tea help to increase athletic performance. In this article, we look at some of the top teas that athletes would benefit from drinking;

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most beneficial types of tea in the market. This type of tea has been used for centuries by people across the globe for its numerous benefits. The tea was first used by traditional Indian and Chinese medicine men to control certain symptoms like bleeding, healing of wounds, improving the health of the heart, assisting in body digestion, improving mental health, and regulating the temperature of the body. Athletes would especially benefit from taking green tea because the body heals from the soreness after practices and games. Green tea also helps to improve the level of endurance of the body hence improving athletic performance. It is, therefore, one of the best types of loose leaf tea for athletes.

Masala Tea or Black tea

Research conducted by the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that the consumption of masala tea helps to reduce the level of oxidative stress. Masala tea also helps to delay the onset of muscle soreness after exercises. By doing so, it helps to promote faster recovery of the muscles. The ingredients used in the manufacture of masala tea like theaflavins are antioxidants that help increase the benefits of the tea. In traditional Indian and Chinese societies, the spices that were used to manufacture masala chai were sourced from black loose leaf tea. The black tea ingredients help to relieve the tiredness of the muscles and have anti-inflammatory effects. Note that this tea should be taken without milk because the proteins can inhibit the benefits of the tea.

And if you take unusually higher amount of caffeine content and flavored tea, they are more likely to stain your teeth.

Red Tea

Red tea is also referred to as Rooibos tea. It originated from South Africa, where it has been popular for several years, and it is characterized by a lightly sweet and Smokey flavor. The tea contains antioxidants that help to fight inflammation. The antioxidants also help to boost the circulation of the blood. By doing so, it helps to heal tissues that are damaged. Rooibos tea is also highly concentrated with magnesium and zinc. These two metals help to increase the creation of testosterone. The testosterone hormone helps improve the durability of the body as well as its rate of recovery. The calcium and manganese that is contained this organic tea help to improve the health of the bones as well. The tea also helps the body to absorb iron. The iron enhances the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. The fact that it does not contain any caffeine helps to boost the relaxing effects of the tea. Athletes can benefit from drinking this tea after a run or late in the day as it will help them sleep better and health their muscles.

American Ginseng Tea

American Ginseng Tea is also beneficial to athletes as it helps to restore and enhance wellbeing. It is one of the most popular types of organic teas. The tea was used traditionally as a remedy for a wide range of medical conditions, including high blood sugar. It is made up of two significant elements which are ginsenosides and gintonin. These elements work together to provide for the health benefits of the tea. It works as an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects. The tea can, therefore, be used to reduce oxidative stress by increasing the activity of the oxidant enzymes. American ginseng tea is also known to help in the fight against fatigue. It contains elements like polysaccharides and oligopeptides that help to increase the amount of energy production in the cells. By doing so, they help to relieve fatigue. The tea also helps to increase levels of energy in athletes. The tea is also believed to be an incredible way of improving overall health since it could help prevent illnesses and improve cognitive functions.


This is a native Ecuadorian Amazon tea characterized with a delicately sweet and slightly earthy taste. It was traditionally used by indigenous people in the region to help deal with mental struggles and increase courage levels. The tea is made up of twice the amount of oxidants that are present in green tea. It also has close to no caffeine properties. It is also packed with chlorogenic acids and amino acids. These elements help to promote cardiovascular health and circulation of the blood. Athletes can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of this type of tea. It also helps to reduce exhaustion and assists in the healing of the muscles.

Why should athletes drink these teas?

The teas’ benefits are too many to mention. Below are some of the leading ones:

• The teas help to boost energy and stamina levels- athletes would benefit from the fact that these teas help to increase their activity levels by boosting their energy.
• The teas help to burn fats and build bone density in athletes
• They also help to improve the rate of recovery after workouts and competitions. The antioxidant components found in most of these organic teas help to make this possible.

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