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5 Interesting Benefits of Printable Coloring Pages for Your Kids

Our mind needs creativity. The sooner kid starts being creative, the sharper his brain gets. In just spending weekend afternoon with your kid doing some coloring pages helps a lot in intellectual development of your kid. McLaughlin brothers in 19th century invented the very first black and white drawing book with name “the little folks”

Here are some key benefits of coloring and some interesting benefits of printable coloring pages for your kids.


In early years of kid’s brain maturation, brain cells undergo imprinting. It can be molded in any direction. Coloring promotes imagination and stimulates new ideas. This manual creativity and artistic skills helps in the better motor skill development. The millions of color enhance their visual abilities. 

How to encourage the activity of coloring?

Coloring could be a lot more fun for kids. Kids (both boys and girls) are fond of cartoon characters. Get started from that, find what excites your kids and then get printable coloring pages of their heroes. 

In this manner, you may shift your child to other categories like Mother Nature, animals, educational coloring patterns. The continuous coloring in the same image imprints it in the brain memory cells. Even if the child forgets it later, it stays in the sub consciousness.  This will motivate learning and makes it easier than cramming the information. It helps kids to recognize shapes, colors, famous places and people.


Coloring is an art that requires precision. It is obligatory to tail a certain margin when coloring. The coloring in a circumference improves the grip of hand and pen. It eventually makes the hand writing of a kindergarten illegible. It also makes kids easy to write through an approach called “automatic writing”


When these preschoolers go to their schools coloring brings out their inner talents. Their creativity becomes their talent. Different pattern and color schemes might lead to a future designer or an architect.


Research has that kids that do coloring are more confident in their social participation. Kids inspire characters like minions; frozen etc. kids take away some virtuous character building qualities from these characters that help them gain confidence in themselves.


Starting from coloring books in your childhood, printable coloring pages could turn into your constant habit. This habit is not only worthy for kids but also for adults:

  • It removes the sense of nostalgia
  • Act as a therapy of mind (relaxes your mind)
  • Helps you maintain balance in your life


In this fast era growth, we as parents are very distant from our kids. This distance not only affects our relationship and understanding with our kids but also taka always happiest moments from our life. Professional work is profitable no doubt but we should always keep balance in work and leisure. And for that, coloring with your kids in pastime is the best recreational activity.