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5 Latest Weapons Introduced in Destiny 2 Game in 2021


The multiplayer first-person shooting game, Destiny 2 was first released in 2017. It is set in a mythic science fiction world with role-playing involved. Activities in the game have two types – player versus player and player versus environment. There are strikes, raids and dungeons to clear. Players can choose from three character classes – Hunter, Warlock or Titan; and then pick one out of three species. Destiny has had five expansions and two more are in the pipeline. Beyond Light was the last expansion in 2020 and the new ones are scheduled for 2022-23. The armor and weapons for Destiny 2 have been reorganized. Here are the five latest weapons introduced in Destiny 2 in 2021.

Xenoclast IV Shotgun

The Xenoclast IV is a rapid frame shotgun that can rapidly pump out shots. They save time and let the player move through trash enemies. This shotgun is specifically a rapid frame arc shotgun, with vibes similar to the Badlander. It is quite high on the most wanted list of weapons in PVP and PVE as it has an improved trench barrel that packs a serious punch. It is lightweight and players can be very fast if they choose this. The Xenoclast IV has great stats, steady rounds, and provides the range with stability.

Canis Major Solar Heavy Grenade Launcher 

The heavy grenade launcher – Canis Major was in Season of the Lost. It has a rapid-fire frame with faster reloads. This is a solid weapon in terms of a grenade launcher. The weapon is easy to farm for and the bonus damage is really reliable. You can get on a roll with Impulse Amplifier and Vorpal Weapon. It features as a seasonal weapon and can drop from seasonal umbral engrams.

Forges Pledge Solar Energy Pulse Rifle

The Forges Pledge is a rifle that can shoot 390 rounds per minute and deals solar damage. This weapon is tied to the Iron Banner event and can be earned after completing all Iron Banner matches. One can use certain perks with this weapon, such as Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, Tactical Mag or Accurized Rounds. One can use the Zen Moment to increase stability. This is a consistent pulse rifle and has a smaller perk pool. The Forge’s Pledge is completely worth picking up as the Unstoppable Pulse Rifle mod is in rotation. A Destiny 2 boost can be used to get Iron Banner for those who don’t want to go the long way.

Bonechiller Shotgun

The Bonechiller is a precision frame shotgun, which is quite effective in PvP and PvE. The shotgun has perk rolls such as Firmly Planted and Slideways. The weapon looks cool and works consistently. It fires single slug rounds – meaning instead of multiple pellets it shoots one large slug round. It has a predictable vertical recoil pattern and can be more accurate than a pellet shotgun. The Bonechiller has a good perk pool and is quite easy to farm too. 

Lorentz Driver Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle

This rifle has been added with Season of the Lost and looks quite interesting. The Lorentz Driver is a void linear fusion rifle and you will have to hit rank 35 to get this one. It is an energy weapon and players don’t have to worry about ammo bricks. Also, the Wayfinder’s Compass artifact mods can boost the capabilities. When you are wielding this weapon, it highlights Guardians through obstacles and walls. Thus, one can anticipate the movement of enemies and line the shots. Linear fusion rifles do pack a punch and can be used in Momentum Control. It allows quick and easy kills without a hitch.