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The 5 Least-Promising Network Midseason Shows

Jenna Elfman, Katherine Heigl, puking time travelers and a talking dog

From Campaign US: Though it can feel like a consolation prize, a midseason premiere date can actually work to a series’ advantage. Unlike the beginning of the season, there is no single week in which everything debuts, giving curious viewers more time to seek out good new shows.

Unfortunately, none of these are good shows.

Yes, after highlighting my picks last week for the five upcoming network series with the best chance to succeed, here is my list of midseason stinkers. Watch or avoid at your own risk, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. For the list, click here


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  1. Kudos Marc for daring to call them like you see them.

    On Katherine Heigl, the public repeatedly says she’s no star, but she keeps getting shows… Why?

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