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5 Meeting Room Booking Software Trends to Keep In Mind

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With the onset of 2022, hybrid workplaces have gained more momentum. It is no longer an after-thought for the organizations. They have realized the benefits and they are planning to go all the way to make the hybrid setting successful. 

Now the key to managing a hybrid workplace lies in the apps that you adopt. Companies were quick to realize that a meeting room booking software can be of more use in a hybrid workplace. 

Video conferencing, wireless presentation, and interactive panels are some of the innovations that have propelled numerous organizations under the limelight.

This is because employees want tools that allow them to swiftly and efficiently collaborate with their teammates. Therefore when we talk about meetings, the first thing we can think of is meeting room booking software

If you are unaware of the most recent meeting room booking software trends, here is a list to refresh your memories. 

Meetings have always been a vital part of any workday- Why? 

Meetings are indeed an unavoidable part of any working day for professionals across the globe. One-to-one interaction still forms an essential part of brainstorming, connecting, and communicating. 

Even with rapid digitization, we need to collaborate with colleagues in a meeting room.  That is when the meeting room booking software comes handy. 

Meeting room booking software trends in 2022 

  1. Video Conferencing

What is the new normal? Video Conferencing. 

In a survey conducted in the market, 98% of respondents favored video conferencing. According to remote employees, it is a great way to collaborate with others. It is also very effective in increasing productivity. 

A meeting room booking software should include video conferencing. This will help bring all employees together regardless of their location. Video conferencing is more of a necessity than a trend. Therefore, ensure that the meeting room booking solution should support your efforts for video conferencing. 

  1. Meeting room displays

Businesses worldwide are now adapting to the high-tech meeting room displays. It helps them be innovative and creative and allows them to provide the suitable material at the most appropriate time. 

As all are looking to do away with the doldrums, meeting room booking software helps them at every stage. These not just help display any videos but also manage sudden meetings. They even provide vital information regarding the meeting room. The meeting room booking software easily interacts with any device across all or any operating application or system. 

  1. Wireless Presentation and interactive panels

The old school meeting rooms depended on HDMI connections and antiquated display technology. With the wires and cords around, organizations face many glitches between the most important meetings. Like delayed presentations and information not reaching the employees clearly. 

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to invest in wireless meeting room booking software. Similarly, when you use interactive panels, you ensure dynamic presentations. 

When used in tandem with a video conferencing forum, it helps collate any content using the pre-installed digital whiteboard. Being wireless helps seamless interaction and information flow to all the team members. The exchange keeps everyone interested, and the meeting room booking software aids in the creation of a collaborative environment.

  1. Navigation & Wayfinding 

Meeting room booking software should include wayfinding and navigation features. This will allow employees to view the positioning of multiple meeting rooms in the office. 

It is optimum utilization of the resource to enhance the real-time data fully. It is specifically designed for larger organizations. This is especially relevant today. 

  1.   Meeting room kiosk

One of the most basic requirements of a meeting room booking software is a transparent and collaborative system. Meeting room kiosks can be installed outside the conference rooms. These can be used to make direct bookings. 

Since these kiosks seamlessly integrate with Outlook 365 and Google calendars, you don’t have to make double bookings. This is a cumbersome process that ensure that all meeting rooms are synced. Meeting room kiosks also show schedules of the room. It tells you when the meeting room is available for booking. 

This reduces a lot of friction in the process, improving user experience. 


According to the statistics, it is not surprising that conference rooms are gaining popularity. Meeting rooms allows employees to collaborate with each other regardless of their location. 

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