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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Finding an Interview as a Service Platform

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At present, with the modern dynamic and cruel job market, businesses are continually searching for creative new means to advance their hiring methods and attract top candidates. One option with which companies can accomplish this is through a venture known as “Interview as a Service” (IaaS). This post will discuss five typical errors that businesses should steer clear of when selecting an interview as a service platform to guarantee a smooth along with effective rollout that promotes successful hiring.

  • Overlooking User Experience and Accessibility

Ignoring the accessibility and user experience features of an IaaS platform is one of the biggest mistakes that can happen to an organization. Both recruiters alongside candidates may become frustrated by a badly designed interface or a lack of accessibility features, which will ultimately undermine the efficacy and efficiency of the interview process.

One of the most important criteria for considering IaaS platforms is the design of the user interface. A truly good interface should be not only simple and beautiful to look at, but user-friendly, so as to make sure everyone can get things done smoothly. When weighing IaaS platforms, look for platforms that employ industry best practices in user experience design, such as consistent visual elements, an understandable information structure and clear labels.

Furthermore, give top priority to accessibility features that guarantee a welcoming environment for applicants with a range of abilities. Screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation support, and closed captioning for video content, and adjustable font sizes along with colour contrast options are a few examples of what this might include. Ignoring accessibility could lead to the unintentional exclusion of competent applicants and put your company at risk for legal issues.

  • Inadequate Security and Data Protection Measures

Organizations using Interview as a Service (IaaS) platforms risk serious repercussions from inadequate security and data protection measures. To protect sensitive candidate data in addition to keeping stakeholders’ trust in the ever-changing digital landscape of today, it is critical to prioritize strong security protocols as well as data protection practices.

An assessment must be performed on the security measures used by the service provider. An evaluation like this should take account of the encryption technologies used to protect data when at rest and in transit. In order to keep data from being lost or stolen, use the encryption algorithm which now prevails in the industry to make sure that, even if data were intercepted, it is meaningless to unauthorized personnel.

Examining the IaaS platform provider’s data storage policies is also essential. To guarantee the availability in addition to integrity of candidate data, redundant storage systems, frequent backups, and secure data centres are crucial. Seek out suppliers who follow industry best practices for data management, including putting in place thorough incident response plans, and conducting frequent security audits, as well as using role-based access controls.

  • Ignoring Integration and Scalability Needs

An IaaS platform ought to be able to easily work with the technology stack you already have for recruiting in addition to changing with your company as its needs did. Ignoring scalability and integration capabilities can result in redundant data entry, ineffective workflows, and possible disruptions when your organization expands or its needs change.

Make sure that the IaaS platforms you are considering are compatible with your CRM software, applicant tracking system (ATS), and other pertinent business applications. Seek solutions that facilitate a streamlined recruitment lifecycle as well as a comprehensive view of each candidate’s journey. These may include bi-directional data synchronization along with advanced features like contextual data sharing.

Take into account the platform’s scalability as well in order to meet evolving needs in addition to future growth. Without sacrificing functionality or performance, the IaaS platform should be scalable as your company grows, merges, or changes its hiring needs. Ask about the provider’s plans for upcoming upgrades as well as their dedication to ongoing development to make sure the solution stays current and is compatible with new developments in the market and technology.

  • Overlooking Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

Robust reporting and analytics capabilities are critical for optimizing your recruitment processes alongside making well-informed decisions in today’s data-driven business environment. If these features aren’t given top priority, your company may have less visibility into candidate performance as well as key performance indicators (KPIs), which will make it more difficult to pinpoint problem areas and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Seek out IaaS platforms that provide customizable reporting options so you can monitor important performance indicators like source effectiveness, time-to-hire, and interview completion rates, in addition to candidate drop-off rates. Furthermore, look for platforms that offer comprehensive analytics on how candidates performed during the interview process, highlighting trends, advantages, and opportunities for development.

Using a platform offers the means of combining this with another data source, integrating data sources such as your applicant tracking system (ATS) or human resources information system (HRIS). One thing the system can do is produce models of machine learning and predictive analysis that help you refine your selection criteria: either by tracing out trends as well as correlations between candidate attributes and interview performance (on-the-job success means different things in different industries).

  • Overlooking Customer Support and Training Resources

While an IaaS platform’s features and functionality are obviously important, the platform’s successful implementation in addition to continued use can be hampered by undervaluing the value of training materials alongside customer support.

Consider the calibre and responsiveness of the provider’s customer service when assessing IaaS platforms. When dealing with technical problems, getting advice on best practices, or resolving any issues that may come up during the platform’s implementation or continued use, having access to informed support staff can be quite helpful.

Don’t forget to take into account the provider’s training resources’ accessibility and depth. Your team should be greatly concerned that you’ll have a seamless onboarding experience. To this end, seek out a solution equipped with training resources including video demos, user manuals and on-line help. Training materials that are well crafted can quickly enable staff to be adept at using new skills, cut interruptions, and enable them to make full use of all features in the system.


A crucial choice that can have a big impact on the efficacy, success, and efficiency of your company’s hiring processes is choosing the best platform for the interviews as a service. Such platforms follow the latest tech industry hiring trends. Avoiding the five mistakes listed in this article will help you navigate the many options available as well as find a solution that meets your specific needs alongside promoting continuous improvement in your hiring practices.