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5 Most-Viewed Netflix Original Films In 2020

Online streaming has become a billion-dollar industry in contemporary times, and when we are talking about online streaming, Netflix could not be counted out. Netflix is home to almost 3,500 movies, with some of them created by Netflix. According to Statista, alone in the second quarter of 2020, Netflix had revenue of approx. 6 billion US dollars. Thanks to the global pandemic that contributed in the course of making online streaming more and more profitable. One thing that has made Netflix one of the biggest online streaming services is its original shows or movies. The first Netflix original came out in 2013 named “House of Cards.” This political thriller show made Netflix have a different direction from the other online streaming services and boosted that Netflix needed. However, some of the movies and shows on Netflix are geo-restricted. But accessing this content is not a problem anymore; you need to use one of the premium Netflix VPN, and you can watch it all from anywhere. Anyways that is not our point here; we are here to explore the best and most viewed Netflix original films in 2020. We have listed it down for you to make your quarantine much more worthy and entertaining.

1. “Extraction”

“Extraction” is an action thriller movie starring Chris Hemsworth. This movie was about a black-market mercenary who was hired to rescue an imprisoned international criminal’s son. The movie tops the list of most-viewed Netflix original with approx. 99 million views. This movie is worth watching if you are an action lover, and surely a Chris Hemsworth fan would not like to miss this movie because of the amazing acting that he has done. StreamingRant has also stated that Extraction is one of the most-streamed movies on Netflix in 2020, and this is why we have kept Extraction at first in the list.

2. “Bird Box”

Are you a mystery movie fan? Well, if you are, then this might be the best pick for you in this list. “Bird Box” was released in 2018. However, 2020 was the year when it was viewed the most. During the quarantine, the movie got around 89 million views and became one of the most viewed Netflix originals. The movie is based on a concept of a mysterious force; if you see it, you die. The race to be alive begins, and a woman is on the mission to save her children. The movie has some thrilling and horrifying scenes with the best cinematography.

3. “Spenser Confidential”

The next to follow in the list of most-viewed Netflix originals are “Spenser Confidential” with 85 million views. This movie is about a twisted murder conspiracy about a police detective who is returning to the underworld. This action crime movie has some comic scenes as well to add value to it. You might like it if you love the action crime genre movies.

4. “The Wrong Missy”

Falling into the Rom/Com genre, this movie tells a man who has invited her dream girl to an island resort, but this romantic moment becomes more eventful and entertaining when his previous blind date shows up. Some scenes of this movie are utterly about humor, which is one reason why viewers have liked this so much. With 59 million views, this movie remains at 4th on our list.

5. “The Perfect Date”

Another movie was released in 2019 but is one of the most-viewed Netflix originals. So far, the movie has got 55 million views, and viewers have liked this movie for its romance. This movie revolves around a high school student who has created an app that offers services to date people. His actual aim was to get some money for his high school, but then he meets someone he starts to like genuinely, and the plan gets complicated. This movie has some great romantic scenes and some great twists.

Well, these 5 movies have made the quarantine of millions of Netflix viewers more amazing than expected. Each of these movies brings something that is liked for its originality and distinct nature on screen. So, which of these movies have you watched already?