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5 Netflix Series for Business Owners

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Are you an entrepreneur and looking forward to some motivation? Do you read books or listen to podcasts? Do you like watching TedEx talks or some chill out stuff on Netflix?

If you are a Netflix person and follow the trend you are on the right page. Here in this space we will be highlighting some of the famous shows which as an entrepreneur or business owner are a must watch for you. These shows will make you aware of corporate talents who have made billions with their skills to ethical issues by manipulating funds.

The masterminds, who have shaken the economy and made authorities more vigilant in their actions,. They made officials incorporate strict laws of corporate governance and changed the way the companies have been looked at. It will not only boost your morale but help you out to try something new too.

1. The Big Short (2015): It is a two hour ten minutes movie. It is based on a nonfiction book written by Michael Lewis. It is based on real life incidents from 2000 to 2008. Suman, who is searching for the best flushing toilets for her new space and says that the concept of short selling and collateralized debt obligations is mostly followed in the storyline.

Wealth is created when the price of assets goes up, but in the story it is shown that wealth was created when asset prices went down. It is a stock market game. The lead character analyzes one opportunity and invests the money in home loan defaults.

The other market players observed his actions and together with their mind games and efforts they created money. Here I am not going to share all the details as it will lower the excitement. Before moving to the next one, set your laptop and start downloading this one.

2. Something Ventured (2011): This story is about venture capitalists who form companies like Apple, Atai, Cisco, Intel, Genentech etc. They are the ones who are responsible for fostering growth and innovation to a new startup. Let me tell you this is an award winning documentary and has highly backed the hi-tech companies of today’s times. Mohnisha, who suggests the best fish finder under 500 shares, that without the birth of these companies we would not have seen the technological revolution.

In this movie you will be watching amazing intervieviews, historical footage, failures and regrets, lessons learned and zest to move ahead with enthusiasm and the timeline of milestones they achieved with their visions. The collaboration of venture capitalists and the budding entrepreneurs created a competitive edge and since then ruled the industry. It is about believing in an idea and going ahead with it in full vigour, overcoming the obstacles and ensuring best use of finances. 

3. Dirty Money: This movie was created by Netflix itself as a television series. It is about corruption, fraud, corporate greed and creative accounting to achieve negative motives. Based on true events this thriller is directed by Adam Tysoe. Leo Robert is the lead character in the movie and his lifestyle is much impacted with highs and lows.

The corporate lust for more profit and bringing the life of citizens to danger, banking scandals and much more make the viewers stick to their devices for climax. Tanuja who takes online poetry class says that currently there are two seasons for Dirty money and a third season is expected in 2022. It is one the fantastic series of American greed. The fraudulent activities which take place and are not reported, the miseries created in other’s life to solve their own selfish motive are the essence of the thriller. Each episode is of one hour duration and will share a new story of unexpected moves.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness: The story was directed by Gabriele Muccino in 2006 and is a biographical drama about a sales person and his son. How Cris Gardener became an American entrepreneur and a multi-millionaire. The story is about making life beautiful despite struggles. It reflects the hardships of life to create a better future for yourself and your family. It is about never giving up on unfavorable circumstances. It motivates budding entrepreneurs and business owners to deal with self-doubts and believe in capabilities they have. Rajan who is searching for the best trimmer for balls says that it is based on a true story of an astounding homeless father. 

5. Enron – The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005): The famous corporate case involving an accounting scandal is one of its kinds in US history. If you are an MBA graduate you would have definitely studied this case but even if not then might have heard about it in the news. Enron was one of the energy giants in the US who was the reason for The Wall Street fall. 

The collapse took place in 2001 when unethical accounting practices were followed, the watchdogs failed to blow the whistle and various other factors became unacceptable within tolerance limits. John Clifford was the corporation executive who committed suicide after giving resignation after this. You won’t be surprised to know that this documentary was Oscar nominated. It is based on a book written by fortune magazine’s reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind. It is a story with various revelations for the corporations and a lesson to be ethical in your practices. 

The list is not exhaustive but definitely turns your mood towards various dimensional aspects of the business. They are educational to watch and raise your confidence level to achieve heights. It is not important to live a long life, what is important is to live big. There is so much in the world which can be conquered with good and honest intentions.

Once you watch this you will get numbers or recommendations on the internet for more options based on business series. It is advised to watch all seasons so that you will get better insights of the message. I know by this time you are tempted to watch these shows!