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5 New Hobbies You Can Acquire Using Mobile Apps

Sheltered in place feeling bored and idle? Have some downtime every day after work? Or simply want to find a fun yet low-cost hobby? We’ve got you covered. Hobbies are a great way to enhance your life, stay entertained, and be fulfilled. But hobbies can, at times, be expensive and time-consuming.

Fortunately, you still have options that allow you to tap into your creativity and enthusiasm but not into your wallet or time. Using these mobile apps, you can acquire some new hobbies without any significant investment or thought. So let’s get right into the list:

1. Learn Photography

Mobile apps such as Elements of Photography familiarize you with the fundamentals of photography and give your skills a head start. From basics like composition, shutter speed, DoF, and aperture to advanced concepts like exposure, metering, flash, and more – EOP has an array of content and quizzes to help you reinforce the things that you study.

2. Play Logic Puzzles

Gaming is one of the initial hobbies people usually acquire using mobile apps. Besides all other options, block games like BlockuDoku are your perfect pick. It’s a classic block puzzle in the form of a 9×9 Sudoku grid. The controls are straightforward, the gameplay is addicting, and the rewards are highly satisfying. All you’ve to do is logically destroy as many lines and boxes as possible to keep the board clutter-free. Try it once, and you won’t be able to put the game down!

3. Improve Your Vocals

An app like Voice Tutor gives you virtual coaching on training your voice for better singing. There are warm-up sessions, breathing exercises, and some different vocal gymnastics. What else? You can also analyze your weaknesses and conquer those with courses that are mainly focused on averting those flaws.

4. Start Drawing

Trust us; we’re all amateur Picassos! Hence, drawing and doodling is for everyone. And you won’t understand how relaxing the hobby is until you start drawing yourself. If you’re willing to take up a challenge, try the Artfonica mobile app that guides you step by step to sketch animals, cartoons, and figures, etc.

5. Stretch Out With Yoga

Another great hobby that you can squeeze into your daily routine is exercising. You can try any app from the store that has video instructions to get you going. Ones like iYOGA+ are great for newbies. It features a couple of workout lessons that are great for your morning and evening sessions. Each session is designed as per the individual fitness level.

We certainly wanted to pull off a massive list, including baking, dancing, gardening, origami, volunteering, and writing. But even these five hobbies serve the purpose. Playing block games is one of our favorites. Let us know what keeps you occupied!