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5 Online Industries That Are on the Rise

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Despite the recent global pandemic, lots of online industries are on the rise. 

The reason for this is simple: people and consumers are spending more time online through their smartphones and tablets, which naturally means engagement levels are higher for online-based companies. 

However, which online industries are experiencing the most exciting levels of growth? It’s a question that this article is going to answer in detail. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5. 

1. Online Casinos

Firstly, the online casino industry. 

For decades, people would visit land-based casinos to play games and socialize with other players. However, land-based casinos have seen a decline in popularity over recent years (due to the pandemic and other restrictions), leading to a meteoric uprise in popularity for the online casino industry. In fact, by 2023, the global online gambling market is projected to reach a value of 92.9 billion U.S. dollars (Statista), which tells you everything you need to know! 

Now, millions of people are playing online casino games every day. Usually, they do this on their smartphones for convenience purposes, but tablets and PCs are also popular devices for this. 

Of course, there are many online casinos to choose from. One of the most popular ones is due to the variety of fun and exciting slot games. 

2. Online Healthcare

In 2022, people aren’t seeing their doctors and other healthcare providers as much in person. Instead, they’re speaking to them online. 

That’s right: the online healthcare industry is booming. Instead of driving long distances to see their doctors, patients are now able to speak to them via video or phone call (although this isn’t possible with all practices yet). 

This is great for a number of reasons:

  • Doctors can increase the number of patients they speak to every day 
  • Travel costs are reduced 
  • Waiting room times are reduced

Moving forward, it’s expected that online healthcare will continue to rise in popularity, especially in the US. 

3. Online Shopping

Since 2020, lots of companies have shutdown stores across the US

One of the main reasons for this is that the online shopping industry has begun to take over. Now, people can order pretty much anything they want online – whether it’s from eBay or Amazon – and have it delivered to their front door the next day. Considering they don’t even have to leave the house to do this, it’s hardly surprising how popular online shopping has become. 

The future is bright for online retail, so make sure to appreciate physical stores while they’re still here!

4. Online Food Delivery 

Much like online shopping, people have also found a passion for online food delivery. 

Thanks to Uber Eats and Just Eat, it’s becoming commonplace for individuals and couples to order online food delivery at least once a week. 

Throughout the rest of the decade, you can expect this trend to continue. 

5. Online Fitness Classes

Finally, there’s online fitness classes. 

Gym memberships are very much becoming a part of the past. Now, people are exercising in their homes instead – and they’re using online fitness classes to do this. 

Now, you can grab a yoga mat, tune into a fitness class on your TV or smartphone, and experience a nice workout in your living room. This is a great option for people who don’t have time to go to the gym or simply can’t afford the monthly membership costs.