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5 Outstanding Ideas to Transform Your Business in 2020

There’s no doubt that 2020 is a year full of challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our mindsets forever. The isolation period has influenced almost every aspect of life – health, social life, work, traveling, business … the list could be endless. Every person has their own story connected with the global crisis, and many were really touched by it.

However, is it possible to treat this difficult time as a lesson and make the most of it? Well, it could be a great opportunity in business, for example. Company owners and managers have a unique occasion to introduce innovations to their businesses or even completely change the business model.

These transformations are almost a must in many cases, for example, when a company is losing a significant part of its income, or the donations are cut down.

Below, we present five brilliant ideas that you can use for transforming your business in the COVID-19 period to make the most of it. Of pivotal importance, of course, is choosing reputable web design companies.

1. Re-define Your Goals and Change Your Business Model

A lot of business branches have been affected by the pandemic, and some of them need to close down completely. Think, for instance, of the travel industry, which had to resign from making any profit or re-define their business identity.

Re-thinking your business goals, and, sometimes, changing the area completely, is a way to cope with the repercussions of the pandemic. For example, if you made a profit from selling or organizing international trips, it might have been necessary for you to close for some time.

However, instead of merely waiting for the tourist business to re-open on a normal scale, you can think of alternative ways how to make money from the business. One idea is to get involved in writing a travel blog or organizing online lectures about specific places in the world.

Ideas are almost endless; it’s only necessary to get creative and think beyond your former business model. If you need additional support, don’t be afraid to reach out for help and hire specialists who will help you find your ideal business model and boost your profit. You might also use some tools designed for that, such as sales coaching software, or business planning platforms.

2. Go Online

Online traffic and conversion have significantly increased during the isolation period. For obvious reasons, a vast majority of customers have been doing their shopping via the internet.

That’s why companies and brands which are present online gained lots of profit.

If you have never taken much care of your online presence, 2020 is the last call to do it.

Think of exploring the UX design area that is creating user-friendly websites and taking care of the content you prepare. Invest in well-developed social media channels that are currently the primary means of communication and contact with the customers. To read more on how to boost your presence online via social media channels, click here.

3. Focus on Sales

Sales is the area of business that will always be profitable. Provided that you get fully engaged in making a profit, invest in various courses, and broadening your and your employees’ competences, it’s possible to maximize your income regardless of the difficult times.

In order to do that, it’s a good idea to introduce a new strategy to your sales department. For example, you can choose sales enablement, which is a business strategy based on a few steps and principles. They include focusing on the client, building strong relationships within the team, and – outside of it – with the target group, as well as preparing good-quality content and investing in constant development in the field of sales.

To read more about how to boost your sales by introducing the sales enablement strategy, click here.

4. Develop Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a field that’s developing at an ever-quickening pace. There are various PR, social media, or marketing agencies that focus on building positive brand images and increasing their popularity and profit.

If you’re interested in this area, why not start helping others in these aspects of leading a company? You can do it individually, as an expert, or set up a business that’s concerned with PR and digital marketing.

To read more about the role of online marketing, visit this website. You can also take various courses and lessons to broaden your knowledge in the field.

5. Learn New Skills

Learning new skills is always profitable, but now, in the global crisis, it’s even more needed. You can never be sure what will be necessary for you in the next years or decades, so investing in self-development is an important aspect.

What’s more, reaching out for learning materials has never been easier – for the time of COVID-19, many platforms and tools have made their courses accessible for free. It’s up to you what to learn – a new language, business strategy, IT, or graphic design tools.

All things that broaden your horizons will also be useful for your business. Once you acquire some new skills, you’ll be able to delegate chores better or take care of an additional area in your company by yourself.

To get some examples of various learning platforms and compare their offer, visit this website.


The times of the pandemic are hard, and no one wants to question that. Nevertheless, now is the best time for self-development, making changes in the structure and goals of your business, or even completely changing your professional direction.

Whatever you decide to do – re-define your business goals, introduce a new sales strategy, invest in digital marketing, or increase your online presence, you can be sure that the unique skills and additional steps will help your business grow. The effort will repay in the future.