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5 Reasons How Flutter is overtaking React Native in 2021

For anyone who has been around in the industry, Flutter will be a commonly heard niche for them. Being a great successor to many app technologies, this Google-built framework is now being used by many industry leaders as their sole framework. In fact, according to the recent statistics, Flutter is preferred by 39% of global developers, making Flutter the #2 most used app development framework on the planet. 

A great partnership tool for major brands like Google Ads, BMW, and Alibaba, Flutter delivers many features for mobile app owners. These features, be it both time and money savior or compact downsizing of an app, Flutter manages to do it single-handedly. That’s why many enterprises have taken a shift from React Native app development company over to the Flutter-based applications for generating better profits and maintaining greater market share. 

But what are these benefits that you’ve heard in your domain? What are the advantages of using Flutter as a framework? How is Flutter overtaking over its stronghold peers like React Native? Continue reading our post to find the topmost benefits of Flutter vs. React Native that you should also consider for your next app project. 

Benefits of Flutter over React Native

1. Efficient cross-platform compatibility

Flutter apps are peculiar about how they perform, and one significant benefit of Flutter is its cross-platform compatibility. Using Flutter, app developers can reuse up to 80% of the total code they write. Using the cross-platform compatibility feature, app owners can deploy their apps on various smartphone interfaces- Android, iOS, or Windows, with specific functionalities and services. 

2. Powerful Performance 

Flutter puts up higher barometric levels in terms of performance as it allows developers to create robust applications in the least possible time. Moreover, Flutter also aids in creating the best viable MVP by using features like ‘Hot Reload’ that allows real-time app maintenance. Such features help developers remove bugs or fix errors without taking an app off the server, thus enhancing an app’s overall productivity.

3. Intuitive Native UI

Flutter is highly native and design-friendly. It allows mobile app development firms to implement an advanced set of libraries and tools, including Material Design and Cupertino widgets. Such a set of modules and features ensure an expressive and flexible UI and provide a native-like experience with maximum customization on constrained budgets as well. 

4. Faster Time to Market

Contrary to traditional programming, Flutter uses Dart Language, an easy-to-learn object-oriented programming language that offers optimized app solutions. With the help of uncomplicated syntax and smooth coding modules, JavaScript engineers take less time to create mobile applications and provide faster time to market to the app owners.

5. Global Community Support

Flutter commands a great majority of the global app community in the market. The Flutter community, an open-source domain, boasts over 105,000 GitHub stars and 146,000 GitHub forks. Besides such accomplishments, millions of developers connect to support and aid their fellow developers, making Flutter a leading tech trend in 2021.


The app market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Today, many key players rely upon intelligent investments such as Flutter over other app development frameworks to maintain their competitive edge in the market. Thus, to ensure similar or far better results, business owners should choose an expert mobile app development company to ensure their utmost growth and achieve a better return on their investments.

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