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5 Reasons Why You Should Still Invest in Bitcoin in 2021

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Investing in Bitcoin is a risky bet that many people are hesitant to take. The cryptocurrency has been through some tough times, and it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest news and trends. However, we believe that investing in bitcoin in 2021 is still worth considering! Here are 5 reasons why you should invest:

  • People are adapting to this new investment

Bitcoin is a new investment for the common people and it can take time to get used to. But as more people invest in bitcoin, it becomes easier for others to do the same. 

-Bitcoin was created with a finite supply of 21 million coins and most experts believe that by 2021 only 17 million will be mined (synthesized). This means that there is less scarcity leading up to. And still a lot of bitcoin to be mined. That means people will get a good ROI. In 2021, bitcoin would be worth at least $50k.

-Bitcoin is a new asset class that can grow in price and it’s value will not always be correlated to the USD or other fiat currencies. This means bitcoin has potential for growth as well as loss, but if you invest now with this understanding, then your risk drops significantly 

  • It’s an attractive investment for small investors 

Bitcoin is suited to the macro climate. It has been attracting lots of small investors.

Bitcoin is also an attractive commodity because it’s not always correlated with the USD or other fiat currencies; it can grow just as well as a decline in price– which makes for some interesting investing opportunities when you take advantage of them early enough. Good investors always 

-Bitcoin is like a new asset class because it has grown in price and value, yet it can still have more potential for growth as well as loss– so if you invest now with this understanding of the risk involved, then your risk drops significantly. 

  • Even wall street is interested 

When you have wall street interested in an investment like bitcoin then  you know that this is a risk worth taking. Bitcoin still has much room for growth and interest from institutional investors, like wall street– so if you wait too long then their involvement might be over before it’s even had the chance to get started.

-Bitcoin could also work as an alternative store of value in times such as hyperinflation or economic collapse where your money can’t buy anything at all without government approval. 

-This opens up bitcoin to many more demographics than just those people who are already investing in cryptocurrency: because with fiat currency being useless in these situations, any other commodity which retains its purchasing power would have a lot less competition…especially one like bitcoin which does not require governmental approval in order to use or trade.

  • Bitcoin has always increased in value

Just like gold, bitcoin’s value is always going up. That makes it a good investment, especially for investors who can’t afford to buy a lot of bitcoin at once. Each day that passes makes it more valuable and less accessible to newcomers.

-This ensures that the people already invested in bitcoin will always be able to profit from their investments because they’ll have bought them when prices were lower than now. It also means there is less supply which drives up demand…ultimately making bitcoins worth more as well! 

-While this does make investing in bitcoin expensive for newcomers, even those with small amounts of money are still likely going to make a return on their investment (especially if they invest wisely). And while some might see this as an opportunity cost (a time you could instead spend working or doing something).

  • Very easy to invest with online apps

It’s very easy to invest in bitcoin with online bitcoin revolution app because it’s a currency just like any other and can be bought with cash or card. 

-Investing in bitcoin is not the same as investing in stocks, for example; it trades 24 hours per day on an open market which means that it has far more volatility than traditional investments such as blue-chip companies (stocks of large, stable businesses). Investors need to know what they’re getting into before buying bitcoins because there are risks involved.

-The benefits outweigh the risk, though: Bitcoin offers investors high levels of liquidity and provides people with opportunities to earn money by purchasing through trading exchanges rather than from single sellers who may have been overcharging. There are also fewer restrictions when compared to wire transfers or bank transactions — meaning you could buy.