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5 SEO Trends in 2020

Many SEO trends are going on this 2020 year. This year has also been turbulent for many people just because of the whole covid 19 pandemic. Again, hundreds of changes that Google made to its google algorithms are happening every year. Also, most of the changes that google made are just minor, and they affect your ranking, and as the new businesses spring, up and the competition for the reader’s attention is heightened. 

If you are staying on the top of the list, then the latest SEO trends will enable you to meet the specific needs that the search engine optimization used to rank the websites like SEO Glasgow. You must keep documentation of your website. 

If you have created the perfect website and regularly publish the high quality and unique contents and get on the google page is not that easy, you have to maintain consistency and quality of the content properly. 

Best Top 5 SEO Trends in 2020

  1. The voice search

Millions of people just use voice search, and from March 2019 the data shows the 20% of the mobile queries are the same way they speak. Also the users who use the long keywords are in the consideration stages are more likely to convert someone in the awareness. 

  1. Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is just the summary to answer any type of search query, and also the Google displays the top of the SERP result is paid, and the organic ads are shown. 

They have been around for a few years and have made changes in the Google search engine page. Even almost half of the results in no click because of the SERP. 

  1. More Marketers will Leverages influencers for the SEO

17% of the business who spent over half of their entire marketing budget on their influencer and the statistics highlight the significance of the influencer in marketing for the companies and especially for those in fashion, beauty, travel and e-commerce, lifestyle, etc.

  1. BERT 

BERT stands for Bidirectional encoder representations from transformers that enable anyone to train their question answering system. These are the essential changes that Google has made to the SEO algorithms. 

  1. People want a digital experience.

44% of the companies moved to the digital-first approach to improving the customer experience, and 56% of the CEO claimed that the improvement led to revenue growth. 

One of the most important elements and factors is the page loading speed, and useful content means nothing if you are a webpage that does not have a good loading speed. 


With the help of the above information, you can easily understand the trends of SEO and also the algorithms that happen in Google.