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5 Shows to Get You Through the Summer Heat

Sure, summer is great. The heat, vacations, pools, and cocktails – what’s not to love? As soon as summer ends, people start dreaming about the return of the hot season next year. However, there are people who simply fail to appreciate the sublime importance of summer and instead prefer to spend the season chillaxing at home under the blissful waves coming off the A/C.

And once you decide to stay at home (at least during the hottest part of the day), you will definitely need some kind of recreational activities. And what’s better than TV? Thankfully, this year has been quite productive, and we have a lot of material to get us through the hottest part of the year.

For this occasion, we decided to compile a list of some of the best TV shows out there which you can turn on and let the heat of the day stay out as you binge-watch them into oblivion. New shows, old shows, returning shows…. We love them all!

For diversity’s sake, we tried to create a list that is full of colorful content – from themes to year of release – for you to enjoy.If summer is too hot for you to handle, just sit back and turn on the TV. And the A/C.

“Fleabag” is one of those shows you swallow in one single take. With only two seasons, there are just 12 full episodes that you can watch in literally half a day. And once you start watching, that is exactly what you will end up doing. The British show follows the life of a single almost-normal girl. Her asides are not exactly a revolutionary technique, but they do bring a great dose of refreshment (and comedy) into often strenuous situations an individual can find himself/herself in, especially in the society of today.

The great thing about this show is that you won’t have to face an epic cliffhanger as the show has (unfortunately) ended.

“The Boys”
The brand-new series is a hit for both fans of superheroes and those who aren’t really into that genre.

It’s fresh and new and ultimately shows you what is the most realistic depiction of superheroes living in our world right now. It premiered in July, and Amazon is already working on the next season.

“Narcos: Mexico”
Considering what a wild success the original show Narcos was, its partially related sequel titled Mexico already has an established base of fans worldwide. But the introduction to the opulent world of crime in Mexico and its evolution quickly carved a place for itself in our hearts. The second season is expected to appear near the end of 2019, so it would be good to revisit the story before we dive into the next part of the story.

Even though the original series finished back in 2017, it’s still very popular. Narcos is even going to get its own video slot, as one of the biggest software companies in the field, NetEnt took up the task of bringing the famous show to its players in a new, more interactive way to a worldwide audience through some of the iGaming’s biggest household names.


The new German hit show is a perfect mélange of science fiction, thriller, and drama. There were talks that it resembles Stranger Things in certain aspects, but that feeling will leave you as soon as the pilot episode ends. The intense series features a story of four families intertwined with mystery and old secrets, while time travel adds even more spice to the entire framework.

The first season was released at the end of 2017, and the show returned to our screens for the second season in June 2019. The third and final season is already underway, and hopefully, we won’t have to wait long before we get closure for this fantastic story.

“Stranger Things”
The ‘80s are back again! Stranger Things has returned with the fresh third season, and it’s better than ever. The famous gang is back together and ready to finally conquer the enemy, but how easy that task is – remains to be seen.

The entire season is streaming on Netflix, so you don’t have to waste time each week waiting for episodes.