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5 Signs You Need a Hybrid Workplace Solution

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The hybrid work model is not a new concept. Flexible work was on the rise for quite some time. However, with the pandemic waning, organizations have rolled in the return to the office strategy. 

This has renewed the confidence in hybrid workplaces. In fact, it has been deemed as the future of work. 

There are many reasons for a hybrid workplace to gain traction. While it promotes collaboration, it also keeps in mind the need for employee safety. For organizations, it is easier to maintain company culture and improve employee experience. 

Remote employees have revealed that they wish to continue working from their home. However, research has shown that 73% of employees seek a hybrid workplace. 

Therefore, it is safe to assume that hybrid workplaces are the only way to go. Nevertheless, to ensure that a hybrid workplace functions effectively, it is essential to install a hybrid workplace solution. 

Not convinced whether you need a workplace management solution? Here are five signs that will suggest you otherwise. Keep an eye on these signs. 

You have too many or too less people in the office 

To keep the virus at bay, you need to maintain social distancing protocols in the office. This means that you need to maintain optimal distance between your employees. 

Now, using spreadsheets to manage your employees is only going to be inconvenient. For instance, an employee scheduled to come to the office decides to cancel their booking last minute. The time and energy it will take for you to make changes manually is great. 

It can also cause errors, leading to inefficiency. This is where a hybrid workplace solution can help you solve your problems.

A hybrid management system includes meeting room and desk booking features. It shows real time occupancy levels in an office. 

So, whenever there is an overcrowding possibility in the office, the system can stagger the employees across different work hours. 

If the office remains empty on certain days, you can bring employees on those days to keep the place free. Space utilization is a benefit of the hybrid workplace solution. And with it, you can control the floor occupancy. 

There is a fall in employee productivity 

Remote work might have helped improve productivity, it can still become a challenge in a hybrid work model. 

Since you need to evaluate the productivity of two separate groups, it is necessary to have a tool that allows you to manage both. 

There might be discrepancies on how the groups perform. You can use a hybrid workplace solution to capture their performances and their feedback. 

This will help you remove biases and create a culture of utmost productivity. 

You have difficulty tracking office expenses

A hybrid workplace with all of its benefits can still be expensive to manage. That is when it is not done right. 

For instance, there is a lack of desks and employees keep using meeting rooms to work alone. Now, this delays an important conference. The chances of incurring this type of opportunity cost increases significantly in a hybrid workplace. 

Also, excessive desks that are never in use increase your office expenses. You will still have to pay the utility bills even when no one is using a particular desk. 

By deploying a hybrid workplace system, you can keep an account for these office expenses. 

A hybrid workplace solution employs algorithms that determine utilization and allocate space depending on availability. 

So if you have an unused desk in the office, you can change it to a collaboration space. All of this owing to a hybrid workplace solution. 

Your employees face difficulty in collaboration 

It might be difficult to bring all the members of a team together, especially if you have a maximum occupancy limit. This can be a challenge when your current system doesn’t allow you to make modifications. 

By implementing a hybrid workplace solution, you remove any and all hindrances. Your employees can schedule themselves using the system. 

This means that any time they want to collaborate, they can do so without having to overcrowd the office.

Employees can book meeting rooms using the hybrid workplace solution. It informs them about available meeting rooms as well as the slots. 

A hybrid workplace ensures that your employees are meeting each other at regular intervals. It keeps them aligned with everything that is happening in the office. 

You are facing difficulty implementing a hybrid workplace 

Most organizations have already started comprehending the benefits of a hybrid workplace. Be it reduced real estate costs, better space utilizations, increased productivity or enhanced employee experience, the pros are many. 

A hybrid office is safe as well because it aligns with social distancing guidelines. So even when this pandemic is over, companies will keep adopting hybrid work models. 

However, to ensure easy implementation of a hybrid workplace, you need to get a hybrid workplace solution. 

This software will help you maximize the advantages. Let us face the truth, inefficiencies are going to be a part of the implementation process. But with a solution at your disposal, you can tackle them better. 

The use of a hybrid workplace solution will allow you to detect the issues timely. Therefore, addressing them will become easier. 

To Conclude

The real question here is- do you really need a hybrid workplace solution? Well, yes. You do need it. 

Whether to manage your space better or to ensure smooth functioning of the hybrid workplace, you need this type of solution. 

Keep an eye on the above mentioned signs. And when you see them multiplying, make sure you go out and get a reliable solution. 

The good news is that there are several choices available today, such as WorkInSync. The app offers robust features like desk booking, meeting room management, contactless access management and much more. 

You can opt for a demo to learn more.