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5 Things To Consider In Choosing the Best Video Conference Camera

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Today, businesses are running in a modern world. Employees don’t have to be stuck in a physical location to work or collaborate with their team. Using a group video chat online, meetings can be held from anywhere in the world. Video conferencing is becoming more accepted by business owners because it is a way for their employees to work remotely. Unlike phone conferences, video calls allow colleagues to see each other’s facial expressions and physical gestures, making the meetings more meaningful and productive.

Due to the rise in video conferencing for remote workers, the need for effective cameras is also growing. Thankfully, advancements in technology have made the process of installing video conferencing equipment easy and efficient. Below are some key features to look for when in the market for the best camera for video conferencing.

1. HD Video Quality

If you do a lot of conferences by video, it is important to work with high-quality camera equipment. If you want sharp video quality, the camera needs to be HD 1080p or higher. When having calls with clients, you want your feed to be sharp and clear. A grainy video feed may not reflect well on the business or products. High-resolution videos will also allow for zooming features to be used without losing video quality.

2. Wide Angle Lens

When conducting a conference call, everyone must be heard and seen clearly. Narrow-angle cameras can only allow a couple of people to be in view at a time. This is not a great way to hold a meeting. A quality conference camera should offer a wide view field to allow more team members to comfortably fit in. The placement of this camera will be key. The people closest to the camera may become distorted. To fix this, a 360-view camera would work better. This allows the placement of the camera to be anywhere in the office and will capture everyone with ease during the group video chat online.

3. Auto Focus

In some meetings, like ones for showing new products, the camera will need to show a higher level of detail. One feature that a conference camera should have is an automatic focus feature that will automatically focus on the speaker who is talking or showing the products. This will allow you to easily identify who is speaking in the meeting, and it will make the interaction more personal and the call more engaging.

The highlight and focus can be done in various ways depending on the type of conferencing device you use. Some devices require a remote controller to focus, while others can identify the speaker using their sound. Some have even added AI recognition to highlight the whiteboard or screen, allowing users to share content.

4. Easy to Use

Most meeting organizers prefer to use the simplest method when it comes to conducting video calls. They don’t want to spend a lot of time testing. A universal conferencing system, which includes a video and audio component, is a great way to save time. It eliminates the need for people to learn how to dial in numbers and get the conference phone ready.

When it comes to choosing a video conferencing solution, a plug-and-play capability feature is important to consider. It should work seamlessly with the most popular software such as Google Teams, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco WebEx. This flexibility allows small businesses and groups to easily set up a video meeting in any huddle room.

5. Security

In corporate communication, digital technologies are taking a more central position. This requires enhanced security features to ensure privacy is a top priority. Online conference rooms should be a safe way for teams to collaborate and share information. No organization wants to worry about hackers accessing their conferences without permission, especially for high-level discussions.

Some online conference rooms include a privacy mode that prevents the camera from seeing anything when it turns off. The camera’s lens will only appear when the system is started. Even if it somehow gets accessed, nothing will be seen on the camera.

Final Thoughts

There are many online conferencing systems to choose from. It is important to choose the right system that offers great features and is simple to use.