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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Good Affiliate Program

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So, you’re now an affiliate marketer. You will now need to make many major decisions, the majority of which should be directed toward creating an effective affiliate marketing strategy. 

On that note, it’s crucial to select an affiliate program that aligns with your needs and preferences. This is trickier than it looks for first-timers. 

Whether you’re scouring the web for the best affiliate programs for YouTubers or other platform users, you’ll find they have one thing in common: they will always claim to be the best. 

It’s undoubtedly true for some, but what about for others that seem promising but you can’t quite get a read on? How do you begin figuring them out? 

Remember that the success of your venture lies heavily in choosing the correct affiliate program. Choose the wrong one, and you could frequently lose on an unfavorable playing field. So, in order to make sure you are aware what exactly is affiliate management, you can visit

Not to worry, though. Here is a list of affiliate program qualities to look out for to ensure this won’t be the case for you. 


The number one factor to look out for is reputation. This should be able to tell you everything you need to know in most cases. 

The program you end up choosing should always be of excellent reputation. Questionable programs should be avoided at all costs, no matter how appealing their offerings sound. There are things they’re not saying.

So, how does an affiliate program build its reputation? Like many businesses, the internet gives them the opportunity to. 

People who use affiliate programs are free to air their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with said program on the internet for others to read. While you typically won’t find these reviews on the top of Google’s search results, a little more digging and you should come across these helpful guides sooner or later. 

Consistent four- or five-star reviews for a program are always a good sign. If a program has garnered mixed reviews, you may want to read more about it. Perhaps, it could work for your needs despite failing to meet the needs of some. 

Payout Frequency

The payout policy is another important factor to consider when selecting an affiliate marketing program.

Many programs have long-time cash intervals for their payouts, which might not suit you. If you’re not fine with quarterly or semi-annual payouts, you may want to steer clear of these platforms.

Cash shortages are common in affiliate programs with such policies, and you’ll only be giving yourself a headache if you give them a chance. Earning interest on an affiliate’s money is not what a good affiliate program does. Moreover, its withdrawal procedure should be swift and not take weeks.

Costs of Transactions

Affiliate programs find customers on your behalf. They possess the technology and tools necessary for the program to run and generate income effectively and, thus, deserve a share of whatever money is earned. 

That said, the share should be legitimate. As previously mentioned, there could be things a program isn’t telling you. These might include hidden fees and costs that eat away at your commission. 

For instance, there could be a charge for requesting a statement of commissions or a fee for withdrawing funds. You may not pay much notice to these charges while signing up, but they can add up quickly and drop your net earnings. 


What kind of technology does the program use? Whatever it is, it had better be the best technology for your needs. 

Take cookie-based tracking, for instance. Many programs didn’t have this before, which meant affiliates only got paid upon sale. Thus, affiliates might not get paid despite having persuaded the client.

The best programs make use of technology that renders this problem irrelevant. When an affiliate redirects the client to the merchant’s site, cookies are placed on the customer’s browsers. So when the customer purchases within that period, the affiliate still receives payment. 

This was one of the first problems solved by better technology, but you get the point, right? Cookie-based tracking is only one of the many technology offerings to watch for when choosing an affiliate marketing program. 


You know what they say about numbers; they don’t lie! 

Like many businesses, affiliate marketing relies on solid figures to help direct them towards success. Because then you would know where to improve on, what to avoid, and how to go about things to ensure the swiftest path towards your goals.

Without updated statistics, you’d be stuck not knowing the next steps for your business. Why do trial and error when you can choose a program that saves you from taking that potentially costly route?

Unscrupulous programs take advantage of the fact that statistics are crucial and charge affiliates higher amounts for reports. The more detailed the report is, the higher they charge.

Good affiliate programs will provide a complete, up-to-date report on performance with a button click. This is helpful and cost-effective, but it also shows you how transparent reputable programs are.