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5 Things You Must Consider When Picking A ServiceNow Partner

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Nowadays, digitalization has been one of the requirements of any industry to strive and thrive against their competitor. However, the problem is that the IT department is one of the few sectors that isn’t directly connected to revenue generation. At the same time, it requires a lot of resources on human, time, and also money; That’s exactly the problem that ServiceNow is trying to solve. 

ServiceNow is a comprehensive IT solution and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) that allow any user to develop a precise IT system for their company’s needs. The  user-friendly platform of ServiceNow has enabled millions of businesses to develop their own IT system without the need of hiring a whole IT department.

However, to maximize the implementation of the ServiceNow product, one must go through a series of training that might cost more money and time; especially for the first-time user and new businesses. That’s why ServiceNow has a partner program to allow other organizations to help them aid their clients in the implementation process of their product, they are called the ServiceNow partner.

What Is A ServiceNow Partner?

According to its official website, a ServiceNow certified partner is a vendor that is registered in a ServiceNow Partner Program and meets a strict set of qualifications that ServiceNow frequently releases. The organizations that are listed as ServiceNow partners have passed through a series of tests and assessments and are deemed worthy as a partner.

Then throughout their practice, the partner will be set onto rankings that determine their expertise and level of experience. The ranking system is determined by four factors: Capacity, Competency, Customer Success, and Capability. 

Things To Consider When Choosing ServiceNow Partner

Now that you know how ServiceNow and ServiceNow partner works, let’s dive into what you need to consider when choosing a partner.

1. Think Of Your Needs

The first thing you need to consider is what IT solution your company needs and how much budget you are willing to use. This will give you an easier time when choosing a partner.

Why? Because each partner is usually a specialist in one or many ServiceNow products (which is a lot!). By knowing what kind of IT solution and what you need from the implementation of ServiceNow in your company, you will be able to choose your ServiceNow partner by assessing their past experience and expertise. 

Whether they have done the same project in the past, how they deal with the problem arising from the project, do they have the precise certification needed for the project, how many human resources they have that are specialists in the product, and so on. 

2. Find Referrals

Even though you already know what you need and expect from the implementation of the ServiceNow product and you’ve listed all the potential partners that fit into the criteria, you might still be unsure of whether they could actually do the project. That’s why you need to go through your connections and ask for referrals.

If you’re not in an entirely new industry, most likely there is someone who has had the same problem and gained some help from a ServiceNow partner. Then, you can ask for some data, testimony, and referrals for potential partners that you can choose.

3. Inspect Their Security

Data breaches are the new kind of robbers in this digital age. Hence, ensuring the security of your IT system isn’t an option anymore, it’s mandatory. That’s also why ServiceNow is equipped with a bunch of security features that can be utilized to monitor and prevent any data breaches from your company.

However, not every ServiceNow partner focuses on this part of the implementation (since it will make the implementation take longer to finish). That’s why choosing a ServiceNow partner whose expertise in security is just as much or even more than the product is essential because it will save you from many potential risks that might come after. 

4. Consider The Ranks

All ServiceNow partners that have been in the business or have just gotten their certifications are stacked into a list of tiers to determine their level of experience and expertise. It is important for you to match your needs with the rank of your potential partner because it could save you a lot of money and time. Here is the list of ranks that you can choose from:

  • Registered Partner – This is a new partner on the list. They have just passed the assessment process but don’t have as much experience in the field.
  • Specialist Partner – A specialist partner has a specialization in one or a few kinds of implementation of ServiceNow products.
  • Premier Partner – To be a Premier Partner, the company needs to have more than five specializations of ServiceNow products, and operates in more than one region.
  • Elite Partner –A partner that demonstrates expertise in five or more ServiceNow products across IT, Employee Experience, and Customer Service workflows and has established operations across multiple geographies.
  • Global Elite Partner – The highest level of ServiceNow partner. To achieve this partner rank, a company needs to meet all the qualifications of an Elite Partner, yet with deeper expertise and commitment to the practice. This has only been given to a handful of companies. 5. Documentation

Another thing that you need to always keep in mind when choosing a partner is whether they kept their work documented clearly. This might seem like an impediment and unimportant at the time, however, keeping documentation of the implementation and progress of the ServiceNow product can help you in the future when you’re no longer having the assistance of the partner.

The Best ServiceNow Partner For You

In ensuring the maximum value that you will get, it is important to find and choose the best ServiceNow partner out there to help you. Even though ServiceNow has given a list of their partners, it could be a hassle and time-consuming to choose one yourself, especially when you don’t have referrals. But, worry not, because CTG is here to help you with all your ServiceNow needs.

CTG has been one of the leading certified ServiceNow partners for years. Throughout their journey, CTG has worked with clients in North America and Western Europe to help solve their most critical information, technology, and business challenges regarding the ServiceNow product implementation.

CTG supports the following ServiceNow Consulting solutions: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Business Management (ITBM), HR Service Delivery, Security Operations (SecOps), DevOps, and Customer Service Management (CSM). Hence, whatever your needs, CTG will be there to help you.