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5 Tips and Strategies for Betting on Cricket with Betdaily App

Launched in 2020, Betdaily may seem like a newcomer, but as we know, it’s quality not quantity that counts when it comes to betting! With a global presence in 150 countries and over 5 million active players, Betdaily is not just an app, but a vibrant community united by a genuine love of cricket and betting. 

Read on for our article where we reveal five invaluable tips and strategies that will help you maximise your winnings after Betdaily app download. Let’s get started!

Betdaily App Features Overview

One of the defining features of Betdaily (site: is its work in two areas: betting and online casino gambling. These two sections are seamlessly integrated into the app and yet distinct from each other, allowing players to easily switch between betting on their favourite sports matches and try their luck at a huge range of online casino games, including slots and card games.

Easy Navigation

The clear and intuitive tabs and buttons in the Betdaily app help players easily access the options they want with just a few clicks. Whether you’re researching the latest sports betting options or browsing the diverse selection of casino games, Betdaily’s user-friendly interface promises a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Personalised Features

One of the hallmarks of Betdaily is its emphasis on personalisation, allowing players to tailor their gaming experience. From personalised settings to bespoke features, Betdaily offers a range of options to optimise the gaming experience. Whether it’s customising betting preferences or setting specific parameters for push notifications, Betdaily puts the power in the hands of the player, ensuring that every aspect is fine-tuned to their liking.

Secure Payments

With support for popular payment methods such as UPI and Net Banking, Betdaily players can rest assured that their transactions are safe and secure. Whether it’s depositing funds to place bets or withdrawing winnings, Betdaily’s secure payment system allows players to focus on what really matters – the game itself and winning.

Licence, Services and Support

Betdaily has an official Curaçao licence under which it offers a full range of services including sports betting and online casino games. Accepting INR, Betdaily welcomes Indian players with open arms. With a generous bonus offer of 130% up to INR 15,000, 24/7 player support and a wide range of gaming providers including NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, Betdaily is a benchmark of excellence in the online betting market.

How do Cricket Betting Strategies Work?

Aside from the love of cricket itself, there is another area of interest for fans – betting on the sport. When experienced and new bettors alike flock to platforms like the Bet Daily apk, they often wonder how cricket betting strategies work and what sets successful bettors apart from the rest. We’re about to tell you!

Understanding the Nature of Cricket Betting

At its core, cricket betting involves predicting the outcome of cricket matches and betting accordingly. However, successful betting is not blind guessing – it requires a strategic approach based on a thorough understanding of the game, its players and the various factors that can affect the outcome.

Analysing the Form and Conditions

One of the key components of a cricket betting strategy is to analyse the form and condition of both teams involved. Factors such as recent performances, player injuries and pitch conditions can all play a part in determining the outcome of a match.

Study of Ratios and Markets

Odds represent the probability of a certain outcome occurring, while markets offer a variety of betting options, ranging from predicting the winner of a match to betting on a player’s performance. Platforms such as Betdaily provide a variety of markets and competitive odds, allowing bettors to explore different betting options and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Implementation of Strategies

Successful cricket betting strategies often involve a combination of research, analysis and risk management. There are countless approaches that bettors can take, from backing the favourite to identifying profitable bets. Some prefer to focus on certain formats of the game, such as Test matches or T20s, while others may specialise in betting on specific teams or players. Ultimately, the key is to develop a strategy that suits your knowledge, preferences and risk tolerance.

Strategy for Beginners: Betting on Overtaking

Pay attention to the Dogon Betting strategy – this approach is ideal for beginners who want to try their hand at it.

Dogon Betting strategy is based on the simple principle of increasing bets to cover previous losses and achieve the planned payouts. It is a betting system based on strategically increasing the bet amount, with the ultimate goal of recovering all previous losses and making a solid profit.

Let’s take an example: you start with a bet at Betdaily with Rs 100 on a cricket match, but unfortunately luck is not on your side and you lose. Undeterred, you double your bet and bet Rs 200 on the next match, but again you lose. But have no fear – according to the Dogon betting strategy, the important thing is to keep increasing your bets. So, you boldly bet Rs 400 on the third match, confident that this time fortune will smile on you.

Although Dogon betting can bring short-term profits, it should be approached with caution. As with any betting strategy, there is a fine line between calculated risk and reckless excitement. While the lure of quick wins can be tempting, it is important to exercise restraint and manage your finances wisely.

The “Percentage of the Bank” Strategy

The bankroll-focused Percentage of Bank strategy allows you to cut your losses and maximise your profits by betting a certain percentage of your total deposit. Each bet is carefully calculated based on your bankroll, so you can approach each match with confidence knowing that your bets are in line with your financial goals.

Imagine you are betting on a match between England and India, and each bet is carefully calculated according to your bankroll. Whether you are betting on balls scored, wickets taken or the best batsmen, the Percentage of Bank strategy ensures that you are always in control, increasing your chances of success and reducing your risk.

Martingale Strategy

For those looking for a more adventurous approach, the Martingale strategy offers a thrill ride full of adrenaline. This mathematical variation of the Dogon betting strategy involves gradually increasing your bets with each loss, aiming to recoup your losses and make significant gains in the process.

Imagine navigating the twists and turns of a match between Pakistan and Australia, with each bet doubling up in pursuit of the elusive win. Whether you’re betting on the outcome of a match or researching proposition bets, the Martingale strategy brings an element of risk and reward to every bet.

D’Alembert’s Betting System

The D’Alembert betting system is a strategy that offers a fresh take on traditional betting. Similar to the Martingale system but with a unique approach to betting amounts, the D’Alembert system promises to keep you in suspense with every bet.

The D’Alembert system offers a balanced approach to risk and reward, as each bet is carefully calculated taking into account previous outcomes. And with Betdaily’s variety of markets and competitive odds, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put this strategy to the test and win big.

The Tank Attack Method

Try unlocking the power of the Tank Attack method, a strategy that offers unprecedented flexibility and variety in cricket betting. By dividing your total bankroll into multiple tanks and placing independent bets on each tank, you can reduce risk and bring success closer.

Essentially, Tank Attack is a series of multiple bets, each representing a separate stream of potential winnings. With the ability to adjust the bets depending on the success of each one, the Tank Attack method is sure to keep you engrossed and entertained.

Important Tips for Cricket Betting Beginners

Before you dive headfirst into betting, take advice from experienced bettors and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Start Putting Slowly and Wisely

For those new to the world of cricket betting, it is important to approach every bet with caution. Don’t be tempted to place big bets right away – instead, take time to familiarise yourself with the various strategies and tactics at your disposal. By starting small and gradually building your confidence, you will ensure your long-term success after Betdaily download.

Carefully Calculate the Outcome of Every Event in Cricket

Before placing a bet, take the time to analyse factors that may affect the outcome of the match, such as team form, player injuries and pitch conditions. Decisions based on careful analysis will increase the chances of success and minimise the risk of losses.

Be Realistic

Stay calm and remain realistic in your expectations. Don’t chase losses or bet beyond your means – instead, focus on making sensible, well-informed decisions that fit your overall betting strategy and Betdaily will guide your choices every step of the way.

Choose the Most Effective Cricket Betting Strategy

With so many betting strategies to choose from, it’s important to determine the approach that works best for you. Whether you’re attracted to the mathematical precision of the D’Alembert system or the bold excitement of the Martingale strategy, take the time to explore the different tactics and find one that suits your betting style. And with Bet Daily apk’s wide range of markets and competitive odds, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your chosen strategy to the test.

Play Responsibly

Set yourself limits, both in terms of time and money, and stick to them under all conditions. Remember, cricket betting should be a source of entertainment and not a means of financial gain. By exercising self-discipline, you will ensure that you have an enjoyable time on the Betdaily app.