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5 Tips to Drastically Improve Your Resume and Get Hired!

Creating a good resume requires a lot of attention to detail, but also knowledge of how to write it properly. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired, you need to know the basics of resume writing. While making your own resume can sound like a difficult task, especially if it’s your first time, with these 5 simple tips you will be able to gain a huge advantage over the other candidates!


  1. Tailor your resume to the job offer

On average, recruiters will look at your resume for around 6 seconds. It may be a shock to hear that, but that is the truth. This is why you need to put special care into making your resume as enticing for the recruiter as possible, and one of the best ways to do that is to tailor it to the specific job offer. Thoroughly think through what information you’re going to put in the resume – choose only those entries that matter for the position you’re applying for.

When writing down your work experience, don’t just put in all of the previous jobs you have had. Most of them might not matter for the position you’re applying for, so think carefully about the ones you’re going to include. Also, take special care when filling out your personal profile and skills sections. Try to refrain from putting down any generic skills, such as communication skills and being motivated – recruiters hate these and tend to turn down applicants with generic skills.

  2. Add achievements to your resume

Your achievements will tell your potential employer how good you are at problem-solving. You can add achievements to your work history entries, underneath every previous position. When stating your achievements, always remember to first mention the problem that you were facing, your solution to the problem, and the outcome of your solution. If you worked on a project that turned out especially well in any of your previous jobs, don’t hesitate to put it in your resume. Achievements are one of the best ways to catch the attention of the recruiter, especially since they can only spare little time to look over your resume.

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  3. Cut out irrelevant and outdated information

You would be surprised how many applicants fill their resumes with irrelevant and outdated information that are of no use to the recruiter. When the recruiter takes your resume and glances over it, such mistakes will be the first thing he spots before he throws your resume into the trash can. To avoid this, always cut out any irrelevant and outdated information from your resume. Keep the overall resume simple and remove as much information as you can without impairing the quality of your resume. Always remember that the recruiter will only look at your resume for a very short period of time, so keep it as concise as possible!

  4. Have it proofread

Having a professional proofread your resume can be a great idea, highly improving your chances of being hired. If you don’t want to spend money or don’t have access to anyone professional, you can always let a friend or two take a look at your resume – especially if they have education or experience in writing. It is always better to have someone else proofread your resume instead of doing it yourself, as they are bound to find more errors. During the first seconds of reading your resume, if the recruiter spots a grammatical error, they are very likely to instantly pass on you.

  5. Use a professional-looking template

The first look a recruiter takes at your resume is very often the most important. If your resume looks professional, your chances of being invited to an interview can increase dramatically. Using a professional-looking template can be very beneficial, as it makes your resume simple and concise. Having to go through dozens of resumes every day, the recruiter will surely appreciate a well-designed resume template!