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5 Top Tech Movies on Netflix

Movies have been a part of tech culture for a long time. They’re a great way to show off tech, and tech companies even use them in their ads. The tech world is just inherently interesting, from the bleeding edge of digital technology to the impact it has on our lives. Let your essay not stress you, contact Eduloh to have your essay worked on as you watch the following techy movies.

  1. “Tron”

This is the tale of a programmer who gets sucked into his computer and must battle to escape. This movie was CGI before there was CGI, which makes it an interesting artifact of its era. Also, if you’re feeling like watching something with Bruce Boxleitner in it (he’s also in Babylon 5), it’s got that covered.

In the movie, the lead character is sucked into a computer mainframe, where he struggles to program his way out of it. He becomes a digital warrior, and his goal becomes to liberate those who are imprisoned in this virtual world.

  1. “The Social Network”

The story of the founding of Facebook has been told many times, but this movie does it best. It’s actually quite well-done and manages to shine a light on why we use social media and how we interact with devices that are basically just sentient screens. It’s the human side of technology, and it’s not something you’ve seen before.

The movie follows the founding of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, who creates it while he’s a student at Harvard University. Initially, there are conflicts with his classmates over ownership rights to the site which grows in popularity among students. The movie shows how Zuckerberg has not only changed Internet use but also redefined what being ‘connected’ means to individuals and society as a whole.

  1. “Her”

This is a story of what might happen if the personal digital assistant on your phone became sentient and fell in love with you. No, it’s not near as creepy as it sounds (though Joaquin Phoenix certainly makes the relationship seem like something more than just an AI). It’s surprisingly touching at times, but then again, you’ve got Scarlett Johansson in there too.

It’s a love story set in the near future where androids exist but aren’t quite human. The movie follows a man who falls in love with what is basically Siri 2.0, and things get complicated from there. This movie does an excellent job of showing the impact that digital assistants, smart devices, and another tech will have on the future of relationships.

  1. “The Matrix”

This is one of those movies that everyone has seen at some point, but for good reason. It’s an outstanding movie with great visuals and action scenes. Plus, it asks some deep questions about how much control we’re willing to give up in some ways, and what it means to be alive.

“The Matrix” takes place in the not-too-distant future where machine intelligence has taken over much of civilization. This movie follows a young man who uncovers the truth about the world around him, which is that its part of an elaborate simulation run by machines. He joins humanity’s fight to take back control of the world.

  1. “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”

Yes, this movie is older than dirt, but it’s still a great sci-fi flick that explores technology and humanity. It wasn’t exactly one of the best in its franchise, but it does feature some great visual effects and the sense of wonder that you’d expect from a “Star Trek” movie.

The plot is that an alien force has been silently stalking the galaxy – and specifically, Earth itself. Starfleet sends a powerful new ship, the Enterprise, to deal with this threat before it can reach Earth. The entire franchise might have been very different if this one hadn’t made it out of development hell.

Netflix has a great selection of tech movies to watch, and these are just five of the best. If you’re in the mood for something that will make you think about the impact of technology on society or our individual lives, any one of these films is a great choice. They’re all well-made and entertaining, so you won’t be bored while you learn something new.