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5 Types of Customer Feedback: How To Respond to This?

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The main criterion for determining the success of a brand is the level of customer satisfaction. It can be assumed that it is high enough if the number of sales is constantly increasing. However, this is not the only indicator that needs to be taken into account during the evaluation. To learn about the real situation, you need to look at the reviews of real customers. In these messages, you can find a lot of valuable information and understand exactly what fans like.

When delving into the process of studying the provided feedback, it is worth remembering that there are several varieties, as well as the need to ensure a response to comments. The last aspect is an extremely important component, as it affects the attitude of buyers. This is confirmed by Khoros data. They state that 83% of surveyed customers show greater loyalty to companies that provide an appropriate response to complaints. In this article, we will analyze the main types of feedback and the best ways to respond to them.

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Error Detection

This type of feedback can be received by companies that have released or implemented certain software. Even though thorough testing is mandatory before launch, sometimes such products fail. Each such error can become a serious problem for the company, because it causes frustration among users, respectively – contributing to a decrease in the level of activity.

Errors can be different. Among them, implementation failures, incorrect code, and design imperfections are common. In any case, users are waiting for a response from the company. If it is not there, then it will lead to an outflow of customers and a sharp drop in sales.


Feedback, which refers to a certain error in the functioning of the program, cannot be ignored. Of course, this comment is not pleasant for the owner. However, it should be seen as a way to improve the product and an opportunity to improve communication with customers. To implement the idea, it is worth asking the client several clarifying questions:

  • How was the error detected?
  • When exactly (at what stage) did the failure occur?
  • What decision is the client waiting for?

Another effective solution can be the creation of a special portal where the customer can post a review and talk about the failure in detail. Whatever approach you use, it’s a good idea to reassure the person that their comment has been considered and that appropriate action will be taken. This will allow the client to feel valuable to the company and use the improved software product in the future.

Feedback on the Implementation of Functions

This is another category of comments that relate to the implementation of certain software solutions. Users of such products sometimes create reviews in which they talk about the possibility of improving and streamlinging functionality. An example of such feedback can be a comment about the need to add new components (sections, options, buttons, etc.) or a complete redesign of the software.


It is important to understand that not all feature requests can be implemented. This is due to the availability of certain technical capabilities, which in certain cases do not allow implementation of the proposed solution. However, some of such feedback can contain really valuable information for further development.

In each case, you need to thank the user for paying attention to the product, and in the case of a valuable offer, point out the benefit of the review. Another important aspect is to identify the effect that the author of the comment wants to achieve. When the team understands exactly what the person expects, then they can provide a detailed answer and use that data to create a plan to improve the software product.

Product Reviews

This is one of the most common types of customer feedback. It is used by authors to convey an opinion about a specific product to its supplier. These comments can take different formats. For example, customers can leave a rating for a certain item using a system installed on the website. In addition, they are allowed to write text messages.

Any of these formats is a valuable resource for a company. The benefit is that comments help identify product strengths and weaknesses, as well as demand for specific items. In this way, reviews about products allow you to find solutions for improving the assortment and the products themselves. A customer service virtual assistant can manage the reviews and constantly help you with user engagement.


Each author of a product review is a client of the company. If you ignore his appeal, then the likelihood of a repeat appeal is significantly reduced. This automatically affects sales and a person’s relationship with the brand. That is why it is important to ensure a timely response to such a message. The answer depends on various factors. In particular, it is worth considering the client’s tone, direction, and expectations. Having determined these aspects, you need to think of the most correct and personalized answer.

Gratitude and Praise

This is the kind of feedback every business expects. It is not only a confirmation of the effectiveness of the invested efforts but also allows you to get a valuable asset for the marketing strategy. The more positive reviews new visitors see, the more likely they are to stay and take targeted action. However, they must be used correctly. For example, provide photos of communication with the client or other evidence.


Some business owners may feel that praise or thanks do not require a response because there are no questions or requests. However, such comments need the same attention as all other types of feedback. Feedback is needed to build trust and increase customer loyalty.

The best solution would be to thank and emphasize the importance of feedback for the company. If possible, you can reward an active client with a small gift. This will be an incentive to write positive reviews in the future. Sometimes brands also ask for feedback to be shared on other platforms. This allows you to increase the loyalty of other visitors and increase your reach.

Questions and Complaints About the Product

Not only positive reviews can appear on company websites and various specialized resources. Customers can also write complaints in which they describe their dissatisfaction with the service, attitude, or product. Newbies in business are often confused by such comments which make them doubt their decisions. However, negative reviews are not as scary as you might think at first.

They are just the subjective opinion of the person who used the services or ordered the product. Having received such feedback, it is worth starting with a detailed analysis of the information. It can reveal aspects that need to be improved or unsubstantiated accusations. When the content of the comment is determined, it is worth thinking about the correct answer.


Negative reviews should be processed first of all because they have a strong impact on the company’s reputation. Everything depends not only on the content of the comment itself but also on the ability of the brand to respond to it competently. It is on this basis that it is a key indicator for new visitors. In any case, it is important to maintain a polite tone and give thanks for the request. The main content already depends on the type of content.


Reviews are an important component of the activity of any company because they perform several functions at once. thanks to the comments, owners can understand the attitude of customers to the product, identify strengths, find gaps in operations, and improve the service. However, when using this tool, it is important to ensure the appropriate response. This allows customers to feel truly valued by the company and to understand that their opinion helps the company improve.