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5 Unobvious Tricks To Get The Most Value Out of Casino Welcome Bonuses

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So, you are in a new casino, it’s your day 1 here. What’s the first thing you do? Of course, you check your welcome bonus. In most cases, it will look very juicy. For example, in Rooli Casino, they’ll give you more than $2k and more than 400 free spins. Now, your task is to squeeze every last drop of value from it. Let’s see how!

#1 Read the Fine Print Like a Lawyer

You know it all too well — the biggest bonuses have terms. In the first place, these are

  • wagering requirements,
  • game restrictions,
  • and time limits.

What to do then? First, read the terms and conditions like you’re prepping for a court case. Unfortunately, they rarely put those clearly. Most commonly, you’ll have to read and re-read those long sentences to understand what they wanted to say. But, you’ll cope!
Then, focus specifically on the wagering requirements. Check which games contribute more to meeting those requirements (usually, these are slots).

Finally, see for how long the offer is valid. If it requires you to wager the bonus funds 50 times within a couple of days. Well, it’s a doubtful offer.

#2 Compare Withdrawal Limits

This is a biggie that some newcomers miss. The thing is that some bonuses look great on paper. But if you win big using these funds, you can only withdraw a small portion of your winnings. Sounds … well, not very encouraging. So always check the maximum cashout amount. 

In fact, following this logic, a smaller bonus with a higher withdrawal limit is more valuable than a massive bonus that caps your winnings too low. This is because if you lose, the outcome is the same under the two scenarios. But if you win, you will get more under the former scenario.

#3 Look for Bonuses with Extended Expiry Dates

We’ve also mentioned this briefly and now, let’s explore the details. Some bonuses need to be used within a week, while others might give you a comfy month. Needless to say, you’d better choose the ones with longer expiry dates (if possible, of course).

There are, in fact, two major issues with short expiry dates. Most importantly, they force you to spend more than you probably planned. Second, they prompt you to focus on bonus wagering rather than on enjoying the game. And that’s perhaps the worst thing here. You are in a fuss, while you are supposed to be having fun.

#4 Free Spins (But Only Those That Are Useful)

Free spins are often part of welcome bonuses and they seem to be standard but … they aren’t. Some free spin offers can be used on multiple slot games. Others are only restricted to a couple of games (or, even worse, just one game!). 

Of course, this info is not always displayed on the casino’s homepage. But do spend a couple of minutes to find it because it really matters.

#5 Use Bonuses on the Games You Love or Don’t Know

You can often hear this recommendation to aim for games with a high Return to Player (RTP). They say these games pay out more over the long run. So, if you use your bonus money on games with an RTP of 96%, it seems to be somewhat more pragmatic than to use it on a game with an RTP of 89%, right?

But if we put aside all those probabilities, does this really matter so much? Maybe, just maybe, it’s worth spending your bonus funds on something you like playing rather than on something that can increase your chances of winning by 7%. Of course, it’s up to you to decide.


To sum it up, welcome bonuses are fantastic. They show you that your membership in a casino matters. They let you explore more games than you would actually afford to explore with your first deposit. And, as you see now, there are, in fact, some tricks to make these bonuses even more beneficial.