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5 Ways That Help You Solve Problems with Prime Video Charge

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Amazon Prime Video is quite popular among many users. It is a convenient and multi-functional option for movie lovers and media content viewers. However, due to its widespread use, some customers may experience difficulties making payments. Today we will analyze the 5 most common problems with Amazon Prime Video charge and help you solve them.

How to Solve The Most Common Problems with Amazon Prime Video Charge

There are several reasons why you can face troubles with the Prime Video charge, and we will cover the most common ones. However, if your question is pretty specific or you haven’t found a suitable solution in this article, you are welcome to discover more tips on how to solve problems with Prime Video charge shared by Howly experts. On their website,  you can find not only a wider list of frequently encountered questions and ways to solve them, but also tech-related articles on completely different topics, and we, in the meanwhile, will proceed with actionable tips as well. 

1. Check the Status of Your Subscription

So, let’s get started with the simplest action possible. Log in to your account and check if the subscription is activated. If you think you’re unfairly charged, the first thing to do is double-check to see if you have a subscription you might forget about.

Quite often, users miss the moment when the trial period ends, and automatic payment for renewal turns on. In this case, if you do not want to use this product, you need to go to your Amazon account and confirm the cancellation of the subscription (or suspend it).

If you use Prime Video on an iPhone or any other Apple device, you can do this through your account on your phone or through iTunes. Then go to the settings, move to the list of subscriptions and cancel all unnecessary ones there.

It is important to remember that if you cancel your subscription, your access to the product may end on the same day. Therefore, if the payment has already been taken, we recommend that you set a reminder for the day when the next payment will be charged and cancel the subscription the day before.

2. Reach Out to a Support Team

If your subscription is still inactive, but the money is withdrawn, you need to contact the support team. It is enough to explain your situation and give the specialists a little time to check the data. Amazon technical support works well. There may be delays in processing requests, but this is due to a large number of clients.

After checking and finding out the reasons, the Amazon technical support team will return the money to the card from which the funds were debited.

To do this, be sure to provide the following information:

  • Your last and first name;
  • Email address for feedback;
  • Date and amount of funds written off;
  • The number of the card to which the account is linked and with which the payment was made.

3. Check the Content Products You Have Bought

If you find that your account was charged for additional funds, you have to check which products you got in exchange. In such a case, there is a likelihood that one of your family members (children or elderly people) accidentally bought some movie or product through your account. 

Also, it can happen if you forgot to log out of your account on your work computer, and your colleague bought or rented a movie for your money without paying attention to it.

To avoid this situation, you can set a payment limit per day. You can also set up payment restrictions (for example, paying only from the phone or setting up double authentication to confirm the payment).

If the source for which the money was spent was not found, contact support. Do not forget to mention your personal info for feedback and fastest checking.

4. Make Sure Your Bank Account Is Valid

The next pressing problem is the inability to pay for a subscription or the desired service. In this case, there are also several ways to check and fix the error:

Revise your payment data. You need to log into your account and check your payment information settings. Carefully double-check the number of the linked card and all other data necessary for the payment. If problems arise when paying via Apple Pay, check the data that was linked to iTunes.

Available funds. Check the availability of funds on the card you would like to make a payment. You also need to check if a card has established limits for paying on the Internet.

Check whether there are any updates. In some cases, payment issues may be related to an outdated version of the product. In this case, you need to log into your account and check the relevance and availability of new updates. Installing the latest update can fix the problem with payment and other bugs. Don’t forget that updates also bring new features, custom design, and interface improvements.

5. Discover the Reasons for Your Additional Expenses

Many users wonder why, with an active subscription, some additional amounts are withdrawn. It can happen because some products on Amazon Prime have additional charges that are not included in your subscription. You can check it through your account in the payment section. There will be a list of expenses indicating used services. These can be paid channels or individual films, for example.

But, if you can’t get money back for an already bought movie, you can do it for a subscription to a channel. All you have to do is cancel the subscription for certain channels you don’t want to watch, and you won’t be charged extra when you renew your general subscription for Prime Video.


If you have any problems with payment – do not rush to be nervous. Every problem is solvable. It is important to delve into its essence, which is on the surface in most cases. Plus, you can always reach out to the Amazon support team, and they will help you deal with the problem if you couldn’t find the cause by yourself!