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5 Ways to Create Effective LinkedIn Messaging that Convert

LinkedIn is a social media platform that no one should joke about. This is because of its great potential to reach a wide global audience for companies and brands. And for individuals, it gives you recognition and puts you ahead of others with the same professionalism. You become noticeable by those looking for your unique selling point with no hassle. To set yourself up, you must be able to use the LinkedIn connection message adequately.

5 ways of creating converting LinkedIn Messages

The messaging feature on LinkedIn is an essential tool you can leverage to build a viable connection. This feature will help you to keep in touch with your colleagues and associates. It also allows you to create new connections by messaging new people. For you to create messages that convert, there are procedures to follow.

  1. InMail Message: this is one of the LinkedIn messages features that allows you to send messages to other LinkedIn members that are not in your connection or in the group you belong. This feature can be used to send LinkedIn message to recruiters as well. To do this, you have to go to the profile page of the person and click on the messaging icon and click on compose to send the InMail message.
  2. Sending messages to your connections: this is another effective way of reaching out to people. With the LinkedIn connection message, messages can be sent to your connections directly. To send this message, go to the “my network” icon and “connections” and search for the person you want to message. Another means of sending your connection message is by clicking on your connection profile page and clicking the message button below your profile to send your message.
  3. Create a group chat: you can communicate with two or more persons of your 1st-degree connections. To start this group chat, you must be in a group created by you or someone else. All members of the group can send each other messages.
  4. Respond to Recruiter message: how to message a recruiter on LinkedIn, you can send an InMail message, and you can also respond to messages sent to you from a recruiter to show your interest in the position. It comes with two options, “yes, interested” and “No, thanks.”
  5. Open profile messaging: This message can be sent to premium LinkedIn members who allow open profile messaging. Looking for how to message recruiters on LinkedIn? This approach can be used as it allows sending messages to those who are not in your connections.


With the means through which you can send LinkedIn messages, you can keep in touch with many people and receive feedback from them. With LinkedIn, you can also connect with recruiters whether you are connected or not. The messaging tool on LinkedIn is effective and powerful to use. Many businesses rely on LinkedIn lead generation to help with client acquisition.