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5 Ways to Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime and Attacks

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One of the worst fears of every business owner is the loss of reputation among your customers and potential customers. Nothing kills a business faster than a bad reputation; thus, protecting this reputation should be one of your top priorities as a business owner. Now, although there are a lot of things that can give businesses a bad reputation, the vulnerability to Cybercrime and attack is a very popular one. Nobody wants to interact with a company that exposes their data to cyber attacks, even if they are offered the best products in the market. 

Cybercrimes or attacks are usually breaches of the security and safety of your business. When your business database is hacked, the hackers can access some of your business’s confidential information and then use that information.

Hackers can access things like customers’ names, credit card info, social insurance numbers, and so on. Therefore, you must ensure that your business is kept safe and protected, particularly in such a digital world.

This article will examine five ways to protect your business and customer information from cybercrimes and attacks.

– Make sure your database software is up-to-date

One of the things that makes small businesses vulnerable to cyber crimes and attacks is that they usually work with unpatched software. Often, database companies implement stronger security features to their software; as a business owner, it is important to install these updates as soon as they are released. 

This will help you to remain ahead of criminals trying to take advantage of outdated software features. So, when the notification pops up to update the software, ensure you do it on time.

– Stay off free antivirus software

Popular trick hackers use to attack you is offering you free software that “protects” your computer from viruses. While it might be tempting to accept such offers, you should know that most of these free antiviruses are actually designed to access your data without your knowledge. 

Considering the damage these free antivirus software can do, spending a few extra bucks on a trusted and strong antivirus is definitely worth it.

– Make sure that your passwords are well protected

Working with weak passwords is not advisable for a business owner. It would be best if you worked with long and almost impossible-to-guess passwords. 

As a preventive measure, don’t work with the same passwords across different platforms and don’t be tempted to share your password with others.

– Make use of two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a great way to provide added security for your accounts. A lot of social media platforms, businesses, and vendors have been adopting this mode of security to help ensure that their data is safe.

An example will be to work with a text message or phone call to get a pin code before access can be granted to your accounts. This additional step might seem complicated, but it could make all the difference.

– Stay off unprotected wi-fi

You might not know this, but using free and unprotected wi-fi is not a good habit to get into as a business owner. This exposes you to joining fake wi-fi hotspots created by a hacker.

 When you do this, the hacker can perform a man-in-the-middle attack, allowing him to intercept, change, and modify the requests you send over the web. This can pose some serious problems for your customer database.

Final Words

If you follow the tips above, you can be sure your business is safe from cyber-attacks. This extra confidence allows you to further gain the trust of your customers by encouraging them to request a SOC 2 audit report. Aeris Secure is a company that provides one of the most accurate and detailed SOC 2 auditing services on the internet. 

You can therefore work with a virtual private network for your staff to use, particularly if you have some of your staff working remotely. You can also use DNS firewalls to curtail cyber-attacks.

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