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5 Ways to Use Music in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Music serves and has always served as a powerful marketing tool. You probably have your favorite TV ad that contains a catchy song, and when you think about it, it’s the song that comes to mind first. Nowadays, music matters both for online and offline content. If you still haven’t utilized music in your digital marketing strategy, it is about time you do so. Music helps build strong associations around your brand and allows for engagement with your audience.

Today, you don’t need to worry about copyright or reaching out to musicians directly for quality audio for your content. Just like you do with your visuals, you can opt for contemporary stock music written by professional authors. Find royalty-free audio, songs, and music effects for any of your marketing needs on Depositphotos.

1. Your website

More and more businesses understand that music is another way to leave a certain impression on their audience. It starts with the first place a person visits when they search your brand’s name or related keywords on Google – your website.

You might have noticed that more media, blogs, and business websites use songs and melodies on their main pages. Audio works with one of our main senses. Combined with a polished design and a user-friendly, intuitively clear interface on your website, music can boost your brand image from the second a potential client visits your website. It’s also easy to find royalty free music that won’t hurt the bank and will make your content really pop. 

2. Social media content

Social media platforms provide you with a variety of post types that allow you to utilize music for marketing purposes. Ephemeral content such as Instagram and Facebook stories, stop-motion videos with your products, animated infographics, even slideshows are just a few examples.

Perception of music is deeply connected to processes of emotional response. This is why a catchy and fun song in your stories can cheer viewers up, and short stop-motion animations with great soundtracks usually get tons of attention. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these options. 

3. Digital ads

An obvious option, but one still worth mentioning – digital ads. Your ads on the web and social media shouldn’t be same type-image-text posts. You must strive to diversify each of your content types, including the ads you promote yourself online. Catchy tunes, nice color schemes, readable and minimalistic typeface, video – all of these things matter for your audience. With music, you can make your ads memorable and interesting to watch until the very end.


4. Videos and streams

To be ahead of the game with your digital marketing strategy, pay close attention to YouTube. It is the most used platform for watching videos these days; it is used more frequently than the built-in Facebook video player.

In order to engage younger audiences and those who spend lots of time watching videos on YouTube, be creative and useful for your viewers. Although you are a brand, it is useless to make videos dedicated to promoting yourself. As a business, you should create meaningful content that people will really want to watch. Streams are another way to diversify your content, and they also need music.

5. Podcasts

There is a very small likelihood that an internet user has never heard of a podcast. Today, there is a podcast for everything – for your grandmother, dog, or a professional from any field. The high demand for this type of content means that your business can create podcasts with their top employees, who would talk about their professional experience. In addition to that, you can invite expert guests for a chat. All of this requires a melody, some background music, or music effects, just like an old fashioned radio station.


An afterthought

In our ever-changing world, it is crucial to invest into digital marketing efforts more than ever. If you want to spread more brand awareness, then social media strategies and search engine optimization can bring you more results than offline marketing these days. Music is something that can help you stand out from your competitors and build a strong, emotional connection with your customers.

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Anna Pozdeeva is a graduate from Moscow State University with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. Currently a writer at Depositphotos covering visual culture and topics on marketing.