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5 Ways to Win Games in League of Legends

With so many moving parts in each League of Legends game, it can be hard for players to figure out where they went wrong.

The first step to getting better and winning more games is to figure out what’s wrong, even if it’s not always obvious. If you want to improve how often you win in League of Legends, here are the 6 best tips on how to win more games in League and climb the ladder with the usual struggle.

Save the spells and ultimates of your champion

The goals of League are what make it a game. Almost every match comes down to fights for dragons and the Baron and taking turrets.

You want to be at your best to always get objectives done, and that means making sure you have the right tools. For example, if the dragon fight is coming up in one minute, it’s usually best not to use your ultimate or Flash to make a choice but to save it for getting the objective.

This is also true when you are on the defensive. Many players have trouble when they try to stay alive by using summoner spells or ultimates when they are already dead. This is a piece of advice that only comes with time, but basically, you need to know when your position is too far gone to be saved. Almost nothing is worse than pushing your lane, getting killed by a gank while using your Flash, and getting killed again later because you have your summoners on cooldown.

Vision control is super important

Vision is an important part of League of Legends. With the right use of wards, you and your team will be safe from ganks and roams and also be able to take an aggressive position. But it is possible to put up “bad” wards which will result in you or one of your team mates dying.

A ward can be bad if it gives out false information that makes teammates feel safe when they aren’t. 

Notice that if a ward is placed too far to the right in the pixel brush, it won’t completely block the way into the river brush. This could make a mid-laner play forward and toward the bot side of the lane, thinking they are safe, when in reality they are open to ganks from there. There are a lot of “bad” wards that can be put up in Summoner’s Rift, so try to learn where the right wards are so you don’t give out useless or even false information.

Another important part is to clean wards constantly, that will help your jungler do ganks and win lanes with his ganks

Stop trying to fight your lane opponent when you are at a disadvantage

“Just farm under the tower” is a phrase that every League player has heard before. People usually say this when a laner can’t really contest farm without dying, but there is a lot more to know about this idea. Every champion in the game has different strengths that make them powerful. You can check advantages, disadvantages, build, and many more for each champion here. It is important to know when your opponent has an advantage over you.

If you can’t trade and compete for farm with your lane opponents, it’s best to give up whatever you have to. Most of the time, if you keep pressuring the lane you will constantly die when you don’t have the right items or are too low-level. One of the easiest ways for a solo player to die in a lane is to not watch out for enemy power spikes. Even if you have to stop playing CS, it’s better than dying and losing. You get more farm and experience. Sometimes you can even try to roam and maybe help another lane win so they can help you later too.

Know your limits mentally and follow a list of rules to avoid tilt.

Tilt is the thing that most League of Legends players fear the most. If your mind is tired or you just don’t feel like yourself, it’s best to admit it and deal with it before it takes your LP. You’ve probably heard scary stories about people losing a lot of money in one bad day. This is one of the most common ways to stop your climb right away.

People will tell you a lot of rules about how to keep your mind healthy. Even though they are different for everyone, there are some key things that everyone should know.

If you feel bad, either mentally or physically, don’t play ranked. Tilt can happen to even the most logical and consistent players when they are sad, angry, or tired.

Stop losing streaks when they start. When you lose a lot of games in a row, it can be hard on you. Just take a break from the game and return when you feel fresh again.

In ranked, you should only play champions you know how to play well against. If you want to get as many LP as possible, it’s important to stick to your comfort picks. Learn new champions for your main account or a second account.

Use the way to dodge. The best tool a ranked grinder has is the ability to easily dodge. If you go into champion select and find teammates arguing, first-timing champions, or doing anything else that would make the game hard, taking the -3 LP is a great idea. It’s also fine to dodge twice in one day, since getting -10 LP is still better than losing.

Get yourself a good high elo duo to play with

In ranked play, having someone you can trust on your team can give you a small edge in a game where teamwork and coordination are very important. Even if people have different skills and even if you’re playing with a higher elo player, using the duo queue system correctly can help you win more games and climb faster. Using elo boosting duo services is a plus if you want to have a good that you can trust and help you win the games you can find more about it at 

Getting ranked in League of Legends can be hard. Since there are so many things you can’t change, it can feel like climbing is a matter of luck or momentum. But if you follow these six tips, you can make your game more consistent. To win more in League of Legends, you need to both play smarter and keep your mind in check.