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5 YouTube Videos You Need to Watch If You’re Into Cryptocurrency

Be in the Know Courtesy of the Video Platform

YouTube has always been a great source of information. There are a lot of people starting up different channels about different topics. You know…different folks, different strokes and all that. All you have to do is to search for the topics that you are trying to learn about and filter the right content or video that is relevant to your interest. It’s like wishing for a glass of water and ending up being drowned in a good way.

This makes it inevitable for crypto enthusiasts to look at YouTube as one of the main sources of crypto news. If you are a creator or simply an enthusiast that is looking for opinions about how to buy bitcoin or how to invest in it, chances are you can rely on YouTube to do all that.

We are here to list down the best YouTube channels to subscribe to if you’re into crypto. From simple trading tips to hardcore investment and price prediction, we are here to save you the hours that you may have wasted looking for the right channel to subscribe to. You can thank us later.

1. DataDash
If you are looking for pure information and analysis, look no further, DataDash will fill that information gap that you are in. From simple analysis to the most bonkers of graph analysis that can make crypto newbies crawl back to their safe places, DataDash can provide in-depth analysis and educated opinions on where you can go as a crypto enthusiast.

DataDash offers a variety of crypto-centric content that informs, educate and keeps their subscribers updated. Their content evolved along with their subscribers throughout the years. If you are looking for a hub of information about everything crypto, the variety of content on Data Dash will definitely fit your interests.

2. Crypto Daily
Where do we start with this one? Humor? Check. Information? Check. Educate opinion? Check. A cover of Puff Daddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You” way back on 2017 about Bitcoin’s rise and fall? You’ve guessed it. Check. This is a channel that will give you insights while making you shake your head and smiling in agreement. A perfect mix of being a content creator and a crypto guru.

You can describe Crypto Daily’s content as a breath of fresh air. The way it presents data and information are entertaining and enlightening at the same time. He covers a lot of ground with a variety of videos that can stretch from the mundane to the insane. If you are looking for a channel that will make trading, investing and dealing crypto entertaining, then Crypto Daily’s perfect blend of high-quality crypto entertainment is the right mix for you. Plus, he put time stamps on his videos’ description so you can skip ahead to what really interests you.

3. Big Beesy Podcast (formerly known as Crypto News)
Started out as a Ripple channel back when Ripple hit it big. This channel helped a lot of people get into Ripple and got them investing with the type of informative videos they produced. Nowadays, Matthew Beasly expanded the channel into an oasis of interactive interviews where he connects the audience directly to his guests.

If you are looking for a channel that is opinionated and balls-to-the-walls crypto talk, you will like this. There are new podcasts content every week that will keep your crypto related opinions moving. With the videos and podcast format that lets the audience be part of the interview, you can easily bounce your opinion to his current guest. Plus, if the channel creator has a tattoo of Bitcoin on his arms, you know that that guy is pretty serious about the crypto space.

4. Ivan on Tech
A channel that goes beyond when it comes to information and news about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. Produced by true-blooded crypto enthusiast, this channel will keep you in the loop of whatever is happening in the world of crypto and the technology behind it.

Produced and hosted by Ivan, a software developer from Sweden and an international blockchain speaker. Everything he does bleeds crypto-talk and blockchain and it reflects how much passion he puts on every content he publishes every day. Ivan on Tech is a YouTube channel that lets you dive right into the technicalities of the technology that drives the whole crypto space forward and survive. And if technicalities are your cup of tea, then this is the right channel to subscribe to.

5. We The Cryptos
We The Cryptos is a pretty young crypto channel on YouTube. And the keyword from that is “young”. This channel is for the young people out there that are looking to get into the crypto space. For a fairly new channel, they are evolving along with their growing number of subscribers. From how to buy bitcoin with PayPal to tackling mining, trading and keeping your coins safe online, they are proving as one of the most reliable sources of general information for those who are new to the crypto game.

With an upbeat approach to content creation, they are constantly producing informative and easy to watch videos that anybody can learn from. They also have a bitcoin blog that they update frequently. Aside from an impressive YouTube Channel, they are also active on several social media networks. You can be sure that you will always be updated on whichever platform you are in.

Your Responsibility
It’s pretty easy to be flooded by information nowadays that’s why you have to filter through everything, even on YouTube. These channels are only suggestions, you can always look for the right source for the information that is relevant to whatever crypto related activities that you would want to do online.

It will always up to you whichever platform to use, whatever channel/page to subscribe or follow. It is your responsibility to filter everything and take every information with a grain of salt and make strategies from the information that you gathered. We wish you all the luck while moving around the crypto and blockchain space!