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6 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Apps even your Grandparents Would Understand

When it comes to quality in writing, one important factor nobody dares to ignore is its uniqueness. Duplicating other’s work is considered plagiarism and is not acceptable anywhere, be it corporate world or educational institute. Therefore, when you write an article, research paper or an essay, you should take utmost care to ensure your work is unique. In this context, using the best free plagiarism checker becomes highly important. For example, you need to write an essay about ethnography. It won’t be easy to prepare it without outer sources like, but there appears a problem of plagiarism.

In the following paragraphs of this article, we have discussed some of the best plagiarism checker apps that are available for free. Noteworthy thing is that they are so user-friendly that even your grandparents would be able to understand easily how to use them.

1. Grammarly
Grammarly is a powerful app that helps avoid plagiarism as well as grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It can be installed on your computer and will be active whenever you are working online.

Looking at its features, every writer can benefit from using it. Or maybe you’re even a proofreader working on services like Procollegeessays, it can help you to avoid typos.”

If you are a beginner writer or student struggling with your language level, this app can help you improve a lot in terms of writing quality and uniqueness. It can check various types of grammatical mistakes and typing errors. Further, it can also suggest synonymous words thereby improving your vocabulary and overall writing.
This app is available in both free as well as premium versions. You can use either free or paid version depending on your need and level of writing skill.

2. Paperrater
Paperrater offers grammar check, plagiarism detection, and automated proofreading. The best thing is it’s a cloud-based software that offers quick and free services. Like most of the free plagiarism checkers available online, Paperrater also has a limit on the length of content. So, if you are having a piece of content longer than the allowed limit, you have to check for plagiarism in multiple parts.

However, if you go for a paid version, you can use it for longer documents. It also offers more functionalities and finer results compared to the free version.

3. DupliChecker
DupliChecker works like other plagiarism checker apps, but what sets it apart is its free services. There is no paid version and it provides its full benefits at no cost. However, there is a limit of usage per day. If you are using it as an unregistered user, you can do so only once a day. And if you are a registered user, you can check your content with it for up to 50 times.

Being extremely user-friendly, it provides copy and paste as well as document upload facility. Regardless of the way of submitting the content for testing for plagiarism, it offers instant and high-quality results.

4. Plagium
This tool works fast and demonstrates highly effective results, and performs almost like other free plagiarism checkers mentioned in this article. However, one thing making it unique in the list is its ability to check texts in social networking sites. It checks your content on Facebook and Twitter, so you can be sure of the ultimate uniqueness of your writings.

Same as other popular plagiarism checkers, this as well provides free and paid versions. There are some services like file download that are available only for paid users. You can go for it depending on your requirements.

5. CopyLeaks
If you are looking for a service that can check texts written in multiple languages and in multiple file formats, this is the one you should go for. However, it has limits and you can check a maximum of 10 pages per month. Also, per page limit is 250 words. So, if you need this service daily and for larger documents for free, this is not the tool for you.
However, if you are willing to go for paid usage, there are multiple service packages and you can choose a suitable one based on your needs.

6. Prepostseo
Prepostseo plagiarism tool is for all the individuals either Academic students, bloggers, teachers and webmasters to check plagiarism of their written assignments, blogs, articles and web content. With this anti-plagiarism software app, you can generate online reports and submit it to your clients or to your relevant content department.

It’s a free online plagiarism detector tool that helps to find out any mistakes in written content and make it more unique and readable. It is the best online plagiarism corrector tool for students, webmasters and content writing professionals. This tool deliver more than 98% accurate results.

Wrap up
These free plagiarism checkers are best in the category, and some of them even provide unique functionalities. Additionally, they are so user-friendly that anybody with even a little knowledge of online tools can easily use them. Most of them are absolutely free of charge but some allow for limited access unless you use paid versions. Nevertheless, these tools always provide high-quality results and help users improve their writing skills.