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6 Crazy Yet Innovative Tech Ideas

Are you another one of the curiosity struck minds wondering what this past year has produced in terms of innovations? Or contemplating which creations might grace your presence soon?

Well, wonder no more because you have come to the right place to satisfy your tech cravings!

Technology is volatile as in industry in contrast to all the other inventions and innovations in the world. It’s tech scientists and enthusiasts’ job to question the things around us and invent solutions continually. This is why we get to see new, creative, and often crazy innovations that you would never have thought of by yourself.

The global scale of problems caused by the pandemic led to an increase in the expectation for new and improved innovations. All to try and tackle the everyday issues that people face and improve the general standard of life. This is why large tech corporations and other inventors worldwide are constantly expected to deliver some jaw-dropping inventions every year. Following are 6 of the craziest inventions of the year that are just too good!

  • AI incorporation in websites

For decades, the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ made a lot of noise, and many were skeptical about it. Today, it is fascinating how AI is among the standard features of applications that we hear about and use daily. Regardless, the innovative use of complex AI features and its incorporation is still among the top innovations of 2020. For example, the incorporation of AI technology into your websites. You can easily incorporate AI codes onto your websites and extract data from the internet. Monitoring changing web traffic trends, keyword analytics, and adjusting social media campaigns for your business is a lot easier now. Obviously, having a digital media degree makes using all of this information simpler and meaningful to increase business productivity and ROI. 

  • Samsung’s Ballie

Samsung is among the world’s top tech giants, along with Apple and Xiaomi. Although, all three companies are more popular among the masses for their developments in the smartphone industry. Samsung specializes in a broader scale of smart devices, including their latest human assistance robot named Ballie.

The smart-home companion derives its name from its ball shape, yet it does a lot more than just roll. It can intelligently interact with all the smart devices in your house, take pictures, and do much more. It can also analyze your fitness statistics to act as a gym trainer. Quite a smart round little fella, think!

  • Sensor-based robotic guide dogs

Guide dogs tech pets trained to assist disabled people, especially those who are visually impaired. Yet, like most pets, these tech pets need t to be taken care of, and not everyone can do that. This is why Anthony Camu, an aspiring student, has invented a robotic handheld device to imitate a guide dog’s actions. His innovation to the tech pet allows the system to guide visually impaired people to walk in outdoor environments with a lot more ease. This movement is made possible with a special kind of motion gyroscope, haptic feedback, and real-time data regarding pedestrian traffic.

  • Smart Toothbrushes For A Prettier Smile

In this age of digitalization and the smart revolution, it’s no surprise that the dental world got its due share of tech innovation. Smart toothbrushes feature a high-definition, waterproof camera in their tips. This camera can be connected with its manufacturer’s application, enabling you to see live footage and take pictures while inside your mouth! Talk about a serious party in your mouth! The application also provides you with dental tips based on the imagery you share on the app and save you a trip to the dentist.

  • Silicon Neurons

Scientists have been at work for decades now, trying to create technology that can imitate a human brain’s functions. Parts of the brain are still vastly unexplored; scientists have focused their efforts on neurons. Neurons are minute operatives of the brain through which it sends signals throughout the human body. Some inventors have succeeded in imitating the neurons’ functions, attaching them with small silicon chips to power them. However, they are still not as small as the actual neurons, with a comparatively greater electrical requirement to function. This is the first step in unlocking the potential of nanotechnology and medical nano-bots in medicine.

  • Brick cells

Another mind-blowing tech innovation entails the work of researchers from Washington University regarding red bricks. Scientists on the team have pitched the hypothesis of a method that could effectively convert building bricks to energy-storing cells. A mineral known as ‘Pedot’ and Iron oxide can effectively turn bricks into energy capacitors capable of quickly recharging. Although it is still in the hypothesis phase, it is a bit far from mainstream use. Nonetheless, a rechargeable house sounds pretty dope!


Technology is ever-evolving and changing around us every day. Tech innovators around the world are focusing their efforts on creating groundbreaking inventions to improve our lives. Although several innovations don’t even make it to mainstream use, a handful does, and they’re pretty cool! So, don’t be surprised to see even crazier tech innovations soon.