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6 Movies Like Us: Psychological Thrills and Social Commentary

Jordan Peele’s “Us” is a masterful blend of psychological horror, social commentary, and intense suspense, offering a unique and thought-provoking cinematic experience. If you enjoyed “Us” and its exploration of duality, hidden fears, and societal issues, here are six more movies similar to Us that delve into similar themes. Each film provides a mix of horror, suspense, and insightful commentary, ensuring an engaging and unsettling journey for fans of “Us.”

  1. Get Out (2017)

Directed by Jordan Peele, “Get Out” is a psychological horror film that follows Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), a young African-American man who visits his white girlfriend’s family estate. What begins as an uncomfortable weekend takes a dark turn as Chris uncovers the horrifying secrets behind the seemingly perfect facade.

“Get Out” combines suspense, horror, and sharp social commentary on race relations and systemic racism. Peele’s directorial debut, like “Us,” is a thought-provoking and intense experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

  1. Black Swan (2010)

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, “Black Swan” stars Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers, a ballerina whose quest for perfection in the lead role of “Swan Lake” leads to a psychological unraveling. As she delves deeper into her dual roles as the innocent White Swan and the seductive Black Swan, Nina’s grip on reality begins to slip, resulting in a haunting and intense transformation.

The film’s exploration of duality, obsession, and the dark side of ambition mirrors the psychological depth and unsettling atmosphere of “Us.” Portman’s riveting performance and Aronofsky’s haunting direction make “Black Swan” a compelling psychological thriller.

  1. The Babadook (2014)

Directed by Jennifer Kent, “The Babadook” follows Amelia (Essie Davis), a grieving widow, and her troubled young son Samuel (Noah Wiseman), who are tormented by a sinister presence from a mysterious children’s book. The film explores themes of grief, motherhood, and mental illness as Amelia struggles to protect her son and herself from the malevolent entity.

“The Babadook” combines psychological horror with emotional depth, creating a chilling and poignant narrative. Its focus on the monsters within and the external manifestation of inner fears aligns with the themes of “Us.”

  1. Hereditary (2018)

Directed by Ari Aster, “Hereditary” is a disturbing horror film that follows the Graham family as they unravel after the death of their secretive grandmother. As matriarch Annie (Toni Collette) uncovers dark family secrets, supernatural forces and psychological torment plague the family, leading to a horrifying climax.

“Hereditary” is renowned for its unsettling atmosphere, complex characters, and exploration of familial trauma and inherited fears. Its blend of psychological and supernatural horror makes it a gripping and intense film, akin to “Us.”

  1. The Invitation (2015)

Directed by Karyn Kusama, “The Invitation” follows Will (Logan Marshall-Green) as he attends a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife Eden (Tammy Blanchard) and her new husband. As the evening progresses, Will becomes increasingly convinced that there is a sinister motive behind the gathering.

The film’s slow-building tension, psychological manipulation, and themes of grief and trust create a suspenseful and eerie atmosphere. “The Invitation” is a masterclass in psychological horror, offering a chilling narrative that keeps viewers guessing until the end.

  1. The Others (2001)

Directed by Alejandro Amenábar, “The Others” stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Stewart, a woman who lives in a secluded mansion with her two light-sensitive children. As mysterious occurrences and supernatural events unfold, Grace begins to question the reality of her situation and the nature of the house’s haunting.

“The Others” is a gothic horror film that combines psychological tension with a haunting atmosphere. Its exploration of isolation, hidden secrets, and the blurred line between the living and the dead resonates with the themes of “Us,” making it a captivating and eerie watch.

In conclusion, these six films offer a range of narratives that delve into psychological horror, social commentary, and suspenseful storytelling. Whether exploring themes of duality, familial trauma, or the hidden darkness within, each movie provides a gripping and thought-provoking experience for fans of “Us.” Besides, you can also enjoy other classic movies like Lolita | trendflicks!