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6 Quick Tips to Get Started with Nintendo Switch

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After a lot of deliberation, research, and saving money, you have bought yourself a Nintendo Switch. So, what’s next? How do you set it up? How do you use it to play some of the most trending games like Animal Crossing and Fortnite?

This article will explain everything you potentially need to know as a beginner who bought a Nintendo Switch. From setting up an account to exploring how to find a Nintendo Switch, we have sorted out all the information for you.

  • Create a new profile

The first step after buying your Nintendo Switch is to create a new profile for every user that will use the Switch. If you are going to use the Switch alone, a single user profile is enough. But, if your friends and family will also use the device, we’d recommend creating individual profiles for every user. This will ensure that every user can keep their gaming progress on track without disrupting someone else’s gaming data.

1. Learn the connectivity

Brushing aside the user profiles, the next thing you need to know about is connectivity. Learning how to connect the Switch Joy-cons is crucial, especially if you are new to using everything surrounding this hybrid console. You can connect multiple Joy-cons and their official Switch Pro controllers, either via USB or Bluetooth, so learning those tricks is necessary to get started.

2. Update the system software

Keeping your console’s system up to date is another important factor you can’t brush to the side. It is quintessential that your network should prompt you to update your system immediately when you connect the Switch to the console. Lack of the latest system update affects the gameplay and also deprives you of several crucial gaming features and game updates. But, the downside is that the update process is quite slow.

3. Switch to the dark mode

If you are a night owl who plays games on the Switch at odd hours, we’d recommend you switch to dark mode without any second thoughts. Brighter backgrounds are undoubtedly people’s first choice but we’d suggest you check out the dark mode if you don’t want the visuals to strain your eyes. You can find the dark mode under System Settings > Themes.

4. Check out the game deals

Nintendo Switch has an eShop where you can buy your favorite games to play them on the console. Most of these games are pricey and if you want to avail the best deals, we’d recommend taking your time with the process. Keep an eye out for the best deals in the eShop because it allows you to buy some of the popular and trending games for half the original price.

5. Get extra storage

Nintendo Switch comes with around 32GB storage, which can only hold so many games. If you are someone who buys digital versions of the games to play them on your Switch, we’d recommend buying additional external storage to keep these downloaded games there instead of overfilling the Switch’s storage. An additional 128GB of storage should do the trick and they don’t cost an arm and leg, which is a relief. 

Also, if you want to play the games online, having a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is mandatory.


Nintendo Switch is no doubt one of the best gaming consoles available in the market at present. If you have recently bought it and have no idea how to get started, we hope this article gives you a preliminary idea about the accessory factors to keep in mind. Just ensure that you have access to the right plans and the right games for immersive gameplay.