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6 Rules for Partying Safely in College 

Aside from learning, the glory of joining college is establishing new social groups and engaging in various activities, including back-to-back college parties. Such events make your years in college incredible, especially after long days of classes; you get to wind down. However, you should not get ahead of yourself. With every new experience, there have to be a few pointers in the right direction. Before going to any college bash, it would be best to know some of the rules to keep trouble at bay. Here are some vital ones.

Avoid too Much Booze

It may not be a first-time drinking experience for some students, but it is still essential to track your drinking limits. Determining your limits may be hard, particularly if you want to impress your new buddies with how many shots you can imbibe. 

Ultimately, everyone goes to a party to wind down and blow off some steam, but you do not have to prove a point to anyone. School may be stressful to the point of opting for a paper writing service for your assignments. However, the school pressures should not trigger you to overindulge. 

Ingesting too much booze has its hazards, including alcohol poisoning, which may cost you hefty hospital bills. Therefore, you need to take precautions when taking alcohol and ensure you do not exceed the limit your body can handle.

Have a Proper Meal Prior to the Party 

Ensure you take a whole meal and hydrate properly before stepping out. Remember, you’ll need the energy to show off your dance moves. Food and water are also essential in lessening the effects of alcohol in case you decide to indulge. 

Charge Your Phone 

Having an adequately charged phone is a key safety measure since you will be able to communicate in case of an emergency. It is even better to have your emergency contacts on speed dial so that you can call for help at any time. Having a charged phone will even help you haul an online taxi once the party is over to get you home. If your campus has emergency phone numbers, ensure you save all of them. 

Monitor Your Drinks 

Taking your eyes off your drink could result in drugging, and you may not realize it in the first instance since these drugs could be tasteless. They could be harmful and may leave you at the mercy of the perpetrators.

Alcohol poisoning can make you miss important classes, which may leave you looking for the best essay writing services since you will be behind on some schoolwork. So keep your drink at hand. Remember to keep off the punch bowl if you are going for a house party. 

Do Not Overshare Your Personal Information

It may be challenging to make new friends at a party, and you may try to fit into any crowd. As much as the newly found company may feel right for you, it is not a good idea to spill your personal information, such as where you live. 

Sharing your personal details should be done cautiously, even on sites such as So it would be best if you held on to your details until after you have known the other individuals, deeper away from the partying environment.  

Be Calm 

Meeting new people, having to dance, maintaining a good impression, and drinking simultaneously can be daunting. Anxiety may drive you to make the wrong decisions, like taking too much booze. It is normal to be anxious at a party, especially if it’s a new crowd. 

However, it would be best if you don’t let your anxiety stop you from having fun and experiencing the whole facade of college life. Even if parties are not your forte, they can help you mingle and build on your confidence. Therefore, once you step into a bash, try to be calm, and observe your surroundings. Being calm is also a way of becoming better at parties. So practicing it would make you be a better partygoer.

The Take-Away

A cue to the most obvious advice ever given to any campus student is to be you. As cliché as it may sound, it is ultimately true. Trying to impress your friends by reinventing yourself may lead to overindulgence. You need to find your vibe and a genuine group of friends, and you are good to go. Your primary goal when going to bashes should be to brighten up your college life, even during the wild nights.

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