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6 Useful Wedding Planning Tips That Will Help You Save Money

Wedding planning can sometimes be an emotional rollercoaster. The time you should be spending pampering yourself shouldn’t be lost on calculating costs and strategizing a budget. If you’re tight on money but still want to have a magical wedding, here are six tips that you need to follow!

1. Flower Arrangements

When planning the décor of your dream wedding, everyone visualizes vivid and vibrant flower bouquets and pieces. However, unless you’ve planned a wedding before, it’s hard to estimate just how expensive flower arrangements can get. A great way to cut down on flower arrangement costs is by reusing pieces whenever you can. Reuse ceremony flowers for the reception and place arbor arrangements on tables. While it may not sound appealing, you can also try out plastic arrangements that may not look as stunning, but still, get the job done.

2. Bars and Drinks

It’s no secret that the best way to end a good wedding party is by dancing and drinking. Let’s be real, alcohol can be expensive, and serving enough for a long line of guests can hurt your budget. You can opt for an open but limited bar to save some money. Serve basic drinks like beer and soda and those who want other options can pay for it. This is what you call hospitality done on a budget.

3. Music

A wedding just isn’t the same with music merely playing in the background. Not everyone can afford calling a popular pop artist to come to perform at their wedding. The best way to go about this is to hirto calle local but well-known bands. If you plan to get married in NYC, then you’ll have plenty of music options to choose from. If you’re not sure what music you’d like to be played, a consultation with Around Town Entertainment NYC will give you a detailed idea about what music will elevate your dream wedding. You can also ask talented friends and family to perform, to make the memory of your wedding even more special.

4. Hire a Wedding Planner

The best way to optimize your budgeting strategy is to hire a wedding planner who will handle all the expenses of your wedding just the way you like it. A wedding planner will help you through every step of the wedding process. If you hire a wedding planner, consider half of your stress gone. They will make sure to work around your budget and still make your dream wedding a reality.

5. Choose a Non-conventional Location

Traditional wedding venues like city halls can be very pricey. So, to take on venue expenses, try looking for non-traditional venues such as public spaces including beaches, parks, vacation rentals, etc. Avoid all-inclusive venues that take care of catering and rooming services. They usually charge high prices for services you might not even end up using.

6. Wedding Season can be Expensive

When wedding season rolls around, everything gets expensive. From location and attire to catering and photography services, everything comes with a fixed, high price. It is, therefore, a good idea to plan your wedding during the off-season to get discounts on most wedding related things.


There is much to take care of when planning a wedding, and doing it on a fixed budget might make things a little harder. There are many options out there to have a glamorous wedding without having to blow your budget. If you want to make the best use of the resources you have and plan a memorable wedding on a budget, be sure to keep the tips we’ve given in mind.