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62 CDA Approved Housing Societies in Islamabad


On the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, all the country’s development authorities have begun full-fledged operations to stop illegal and unapproved properties. Property investors should conduct thorough background checks before investing in any real estate project.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA), and similar institutions that look after development activities in their respective regions, have published a list of approved property developments to make life easier for stakeholders.

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Let’s just get started, so let’s not waste any more time!

Complete list – CDA-Approved Housing Societies:

Check out the list of housing projects in the capital that have been approved by CDA

According to the CDA’s official website, the following list contains information about legal housing societies located in Islamabad. Take a look!

  • AGOCHS, Phase-I
  • AGOCHS, Phase-II
  • Al-Hamra Avenue
  • Al-Hamra Hills Agro Farming Scheme
  • Al-Makkah City
  • Agro Farming Scheme
  • Army Welfare Trust
  • Bahria Enclave Phase I Housing Scheme
  • Bahria Enclave-II, Agro Farming Scheme
  • Bahria Enclave-II, Phase-II, Housing Scheme
  • Bahria Garden City
  • Bahria Town (Phase III-E & IV).
  • Bahria Town (Phase VII-E).
  • Bahria Town, Phase VII
  • Bahria Town, Phase-II, III, V & VI
  • Cabinet Division Employees Co-operative Housing Society
  • Capital Enclave
  • CBR Town
  • Engineers Co-operative
  • Engineers Housing Scheme
  • Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF)
  • Federation of Employees
  • FIA Park Enclave Housing Scheme
  • Grace Valley
  • Gulberg Greens Farm Housing Scheme
  • Gulberg Town
  • Gulshan-e-Rabia
  • Gulshan-e-Sehat
  • Islamabad Gardens
  • Islamabad Model Town
  • Jeddah Town
  • Jinnah Garden, Phase-I
  • Jinnah Garden, Phase-II
  • Jinnah Town
  • Kashmir Gardens Farming Scheme
  • Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase (Extension)
  • Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase-I
  • Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase-II
  • Margalla View Housing Scheme
  • Ministry of Interior Employees Co-operative Housing Society
  • Morgah City
  • Multi Gardens, Phase-I
  • Multi Gardens, Phase-II
  • National Assembly Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  • National Police Foundation
  • Naval Anchorage
  • New Islamabad Garden
  • OPF Housing Scheme
  • Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • Pakistan Navy Farms, Simly Dam Road Islamabad
  • Paradise City
  • Park View City Housing Scheme
  • Parliamentarians Enclave
  • Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme
  • River Garden
  • Roshan Pakistan (RP) Corporation Housing Scheme
  • Senate Avenue
  • Services Co-operative Housing Society
  • Soan Gardens
  • Supreme Court Employees Housing Scheme
  • Tele Gardens Housing Scheme
  • WWF Labor Colony
  • Zaraj Housing

Your investment is secure if you have made an investment in any of the legal housing societies in Islamabad.

To avoid any potential risks, you should make sure the property is not illegal if you plan to purchase it in a residential development other than that listed.

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Popular CDA Approved Societies Islamabad:

Let’s find out more about the most sought-after housing projects in Islamabad that have been approved by the CDA.

Bahria Town Islamabad:

A view of the Bahria Town Islamabad Well-Planned Residence Area

Bahria Town Islamabad, one of the most desirable neighborhoods for upper-class residents in Islamabad, has seen a lot of development since its conception. This housing society covers a large area. It has been divided into nine districts, which are scattered around the metro area of the twin cities Rawalpindi & Islamabad.

Bahria Town is home to a number of residential properties as well as bustling corporate and commercial areas. It is one reason why it is a top choice for business in Islamabad.

Side note: You can also read our Bahria town Islamabad area guide to learn more about the benefits of living and investing in this exclusive neighborhood.

Bahria Enclave:

Bahria Enclave is a similar development plan to Bahria Town. Bahria Town manages both of these projects.

Split into two major subdivisions, Phase 1 and 2, Bahria Enclave in Islamabad is another popular CDA-approved housing project. It is conveniently located and connected to all major roads, including the Islamabad Expressway and Kashmir Highway. To learn more about the area, make sure to visit our Bahria Enclave comprehensive guide.

Gulberg Islamabad:

Gulberg Islamabad is surrounded by green spaces.

Gulberg, often referred to as a “city within the city“, is one of the largest legal housing programs in Islamabad. It is divided into two major districts, Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg Greens.

Gulberg Residencia, as the name implies, is a housing project that includes residential properties such as houses, apartments and duplexes. It has been further divided in 22 blocks.

Gulberg Greens, on the other hand is primarily based upon farmhouses and some the most prominent commercial developments within the area. In the next section of our blog, we’ll be learning more about Gulberg Greens. Side note: If you’re looking for more information about Gulberg Islamabad make sure to check out our detailed area guide.

Gulberg Greens:

Gulberg Greens, a CDA-approved housing community in Islamabad that mainly consists of farmhouses, is highly desirable. Because it is a well-planned real estate project, the entire neighborhood looks stunning.

Gulberg Greens is centrally located on the main Islamabad Expressway. This connects it to key areas and landmarks within the metro area of the twin cities.

Six blocks form the basis of this real estate project, and include some of Gulberg Islamabad’s most important commercial areas.

Model Town Islamabad:

Model Town was developed in Islamabad near Simly Dam Link Road. This area is also known as Islamabad Model Town. It is an approved housing scheme by the CDA, making it a safe choice for property investments in Islamabad. Bahria Enclave is right next to Model Town.

Model Town Islamabad, like any modern gated community provides security and privacy to its residents. It is also designed with ample urban open spaces that perfectly match it with Islamabad’s lush green cityscape.

The master plan for this housing development includes amenities such as hospitals, gyms and cinemas as well educational institutions, public parks, and masjids. You can find out more about the upscale neighborhood in Islamabad Model Town by visiting our area guide.

Park View City:

Park View City, which is equipped with all modern facilities and well-paved roads, is another option for those looking to make a secure real estate investment in Islamabad. It is an approved housing society by the CDA. It is a large housing project that spans 5,000 kanal, according to Park View City stakeholders.

Kurri Road is a link to the society, further linking it with other key locations in the metro area. It shares borders with National Zoo Park & Botanical Garden. The wall acts as a barrier between the society’s neighboring national forests. Overseas investors have been given a block in this housing society.

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Soan Gardens:

Soan Garden is another popular CDA-approved Islamabad housing society. It is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the city, including colleges and schools. The area is also known for its high-quality medical facilities.

It covers more than 2,900 Kanal and is also a large residential development primarily based on residential properties. There are also some popular commercial areas. Soan Gardens can be connected to Islamabad Expressway via Soan Avenue. It is located 18 km from Zero Point Islamabad. Soan Gardens is another option for real estate investments in Islamabad due to its central location and accessibility of key facilities.

These are some of the most well-known CDA-approved housing Societies for property investment in Islamabad.