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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Private Network

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VPN (virtual private network) can provide you with lots of benefits when you are using it to surf the web. It masks your IP and keeps your location information hidden so that people cannot see where you are surfing the web from. It also encrypts the data that is in transit and keeps your sensitive information secure. The following are the 7 advantages and disadvantages of the virtual private network.

  1. Protect Your Privacy

The website you browse may have cookies that can keep track of your online activities. VPN can protect your connection and prevent third parties from seeing the information that is sent and received online. VPN provides 256-bit encryption of the data that is transferred over the connection.

  1. Prevent Your Bandwidth from Getting Throttled

If you exceed the bandwidth usage, your ISP will know and put a cap on your internet speed. One way to prevent the ISP from doing this is to use a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic. Adguard VPN will encrypt your internet activities and bandwidth usage information so that your ISP did not know that you exceed the bandwidth usage.

  1. Access Your Favorite Streaming Services and Sports Coverage

With a VPN, you will be able to access streaming services like Netflix in regions that are blocked. The VPN can assign you another IP address so that people think you are surfing the web from another location. It is important to check the terms of service agreements to find out if the streaming service will continue to work in regions that are blocked.

You also need to keep in mind that certain countries don’t allow the use of VPN. This means you can get penalized if you use VPN. VPN can help you to access sports coverage that is not available in your location. You can choose to use the IP address of the region of the sports coverage so that the streaming service will assume that you are from the region. Get more details at

  1. Reduce Support Cost

Buying a VPN can relieve your company of the support cost. It costs money to hire people to set up and maintain the server of the VPN. The staff has to spend time checking the performance of the server and making sure that it is not under any threat of malware. If you sign up for a VPN, the service provider will be responsible for the upkeep and performance checks of the server.

The VPN service provider can do a better job because the expenses of the upkeep of the server are covered by a large number of paying clients. Before signing up for a VPN, you must check what type of hardware they use in the server. Service providers who use more modern components for the server hardware are often able to provide an optimal experience.

  1. Download and Upload Files Securely

VPN allows you to download and upload files securely. You don’t want people to know what files you are downloading and uploading over the web. For example, you may not want your ISP to know that you often go to the torrent to download movies and games. If a hacker knows, he could corrupt the files that you want to download so that your computer gets infected with the virus. VPN can hide the information of the files that you are downloading on the web.

  1. Slow Down Your Internet

One of the disadvantages of VPN is that it can slow down your internet slightly. When VPN is activated, your internet connection will be rerouted for encryption. The problem is more emphasized with certain VPN service providers. Some websites that do not encourage the use of VPN will load slower causing problems for you to view the content. Usually, this is done to prevent people from viewing inappropriate content, for example, countries like Iran block the VPN to prevent its citizens from accessing the news website.

  1. Unable to Check Encryption Quality

You may not be able to check the quality of the encryption when you first buy a VPN. Usually, you only find out that it goes wrong halfway through using it. Most people who purchase VPNs do not know much about data encryption and how to gauge the level of security. This is why you should be reading reviews before signing up with the VPN provider.