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7 Benefits Of GPS Tracking Devices

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With over 25 million GPS tracking systems now operating in the United States, many people might have asked themselves if they might have a GPS tracker placed upon their vehicle. With the advancement of technology, it is now common to be monitored by some form of surveillance equipment every time an individual leaves the house. Security cameras patrol parking lots of nearly every retail and industrial complex, and surveillance cameras are now common at red lights in most metropolitan and medium-sized cities. Despite the fact that most people are becoming immune to the prevalence of surveillance cameras, they are still reluctant to accept the practice of GPS vehicle trackers. With the increased use of GPS tracking systems among consumers, businesses, and law enforcement agencies, many people wonder about the reason for the increased demand for GPS trackers. Here are the top 7 reasons to use a GPS tracker and the most common applications associated with vehicle tracking!

1. Police Tracking Criminals

Drug traffickers, burglars, arsonists, and sex offenders beware because one of the main users of GPS tracking systems is law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies are able to legally place a GPS car tracker onto a suspected criminal’s vehicle in many states by simply acquiring a warrant. Therefore, if you are breaking the law and you feel safe because you don’t see the red flashing lights of a police cruiser be advised that law enforcement agencies are always using cutting-edge surveillance technology products to bring bad guys to justice. According to the security experts at Tracking System Direct, if you’re breaking the law there is a great chance a police GPS tracker might be gathering the evidence to bring you to justice.

2. Teen Driving Safety

If you recently received your license then a GPS tracking system may be monitoring your vehicle to make sure you are obeying the rules of the road. GPS teen tracking systems can alert parents if a vehicle is speeding, or when a vehicle has entered or exited a preset location. Not to mention, the historical records the vehicle tracking device holds will record every place a teen driver visited. So if you are a teen driver you better obey the rules of the road and tell your parents the truth about where you are going because teen GPS trackers will document all driving activity down to the second!

3. Fleet Management

Driving a truck or delivery vehicle means spending a large portion of time on the road traveling. With an employee spending so much time away from the boss, GPS truck tracking devices provide an easy way for employers to monitor an employee’s travels, document mileage, and verify routes and deliveries. Employers and business owners are now modernizing book-keeping and driving records by using GPS fleet monitoring system to calculate mileage driven, and are no longer relying on the hand-written notes of a driver that can easily be falsified. Also, having instant access to a driver’s location and everywhere they traveled can help employers verify successful deliveries. GPS fleet management is now one of the most popular reasons companies utilize location-based technologies.  

4. Catch A Cheating Spouse

Many people suspecting infidelity in their relationship are turning to high-tech ways to confirm loyalty or wayward ways. The spouse GPS tracker industry is a billion-dollar business that is growing at an exponential rate, meaning it is now easier for consumers to purchase a vehicle tracking device designed to catch a cheater than ever before. This is good news for people in a relationship who believe that their husband or wife may be cheating. Many GPS tracking systems are affordable, require no installation, and are easy to use, making spouse GPS trackers the new topic of discussion among those concerned about infidelity.

5. City Management Of Employees

Cities across the nation have been adopting GPS tracking programs to monitor city vehicles and other transport vehicles. Police departments, fire services, and snowplows are only a few of the city vehicles that are now being equipped with GPS tracking systems in an effort to improve communication and routing of city mobile resources. GPS tracking technology makes it easy to improve routing, dispatching, and accountability of public works.

6. Increase Senior Independence

Senior citizens who might be showing signs of memory loss can be a danger on the road. This is the reason that many families concerned a senior loved one could be a danger on the roadways are investing in GPS trackers for elderly safety. The senior tracking devices make it easy for families to determine if a grandparent is getting lost while driving, or operating a vehicle at dangerous rates of speed, whether that be fast or slow.

7. Auto Theft Prevention

One of the most popular reasons to use GPS trackers is for automobile theft prevention. Anyone concerned that their vehicle might be a target of theft can simply equip a live GPS tracker to the car and then monitor that vehicle 24/7. The best part is that real time GPS tracking devices provide a feature called “Geo-fencing” that will literally send out an alert if a vehicle is moved! This means a person will be notified the very instant their automobile is stolen, resulting in a higher probability of recovery.

How Does Real Time GPS Tracking Work?

Real-time GPS tracking system technology is used to describe the process of monitoring a vehicle as it moves from location to location. Businesses and consumers utilize real time GPS to improve efficiency, monitor mobile assets, or any of the other top 7 reasons to use a GPS tracker mentioned above. Although live GPS trackers such as the SpaceHawk have been growing exponentially in popularity over the past decade, many people do not have a simple understanding of how real time GPS tracking works. They often ask questions such as:

What Is Live GPS Tracking?

What is a real-time GPS tracker?

What is the difference between GPS tracking and navigation?

GPS tracking system technology is similar to navigational GPS technology, but at the same time, it is considerably different. GPS navigation devices were engineered with the intention to give drivers turn-by-turn directions and provide drivers shortcuts and quick routes in unfamiliar areas. GPS trackers, on the other hand, were designed with superior antenna reception qualities to give the user covert placement options inside or outside of the vehicle. Therefore, the user could secretly record routes being traveled. Popular reasons for GPS tracking include:

  • Teen Driving Safety
  • Equipment & Asset Tracking
  • Vehicle Management
  • GPS Personal Safety
  • Automotive Theft Recovery
  • Law Enforcement Surveillance

The most popular form of GPS tracking is real-time tracking. Real-time tracking is when a GPS  vehicle tracking device records position, location, date, time, etc using the Global Positioning System. The highly accurate information is recorded in the internal memory of the GPS device and is then transmitted over a cellular network to a server where users can access the GPS monitoring data via a computer. The user is able to view everywhere the vehicle has been and where it is at that exact moment. Because the user is able to access the GPS tracker data as it is being recorded it is referred to as real-time tracking.

The SpaceHawk GPS tracker is one of the most popular real time tracking devices on the market in 2022.

Real Time Location Of Vehicles

Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking

There are numerous benefits to implementing real time GPS tracking system technology from the business sector to the personal sector. Real-time tracking devices allow employers to monitor company assets in the field or view historical data to ensure employees were at their stated locations. Real-time tracking systems also provide an easy way to calculate mileage for tax purposes.

Concerned parents of teens and the elderly suffering from debilitating diseases such as dementia could all benefit from real-time GPS tracking technology.  Parents can easily access speed alerts or a teen driver’s location with a real-time tracking system. This can help parents assign appropriate positive or negative consequences to a teen driver depending on the results of the data.

As we become older all of our motor skills and functioning tend to slow down. With real-time tracking technology now family members no longer have to worry about where grandpa or grandma is, and if they get lost can easily find them and navigate them to a more safe and more familiar location. The benefits of real-time GPS monitoring in the home speak for themselves.

Future of GPS Tracking

At some point in the very near future, almost all cars will be equipped with navigational capabilities and some form of real-time time GPS tracking system. The GPS tracking market is growing and will continue to grow as the applications and benefits are seen by more and more people.