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7 Best VR Apps for All Mobile VR Platforms

Virtual reality is increasingly entering our lives. Video glasses from Oculus are no longer surprising, and many gadget lovers have them. Google is ahead of the rest with its cardboard gadget Google Cardboard, where a smartphone can be used as a screen. Virtual reality content is becoming more interesting and diverse. Developers are working tirelessly to popularize VR technology and attract as much attention to it as possible. 

So, you may find it useful to visit and find out how to build a VR app using high-quality virtual reality software development services that will take the market by storm. According to IDC estimates, between 2019 and 2023, the global market for AR / VR helmets will amount to 68.6 million units. If we consider only the segment of devices for virtual reality, then sales here reached 36.7 million units by 2023.

We created a list of must have apps that will allow you to plunge into a vivid virtual world using your smartphone and a special headset.

Hello Mars

Have you watched The Martian and envied Mark Watney? Now it’s your turn to set off to conquer the planet with the Hello Mars educational app. Everything that awaits you during space travel is based on materials from NASA. You have to go through “7 minutes of horror” – to experience for yourself what the Curiosity rover went through during landing on the Red Planet. The application is simply breathtaking, we checked!

Jaunt VR

Have you ever thought to be right on stage during a Paul McCartney concert? Or visit Nepal and conquer Everest? The choice is yours!  Jaunt VR is an application from one of the leading companies in the field of cinematic use of VR technology. Jaunt VR provides you with access to the world of professional VR content with full immersion in the atmosphere of what is happening: concert recordings, documentaries, news releases, sports broadcasts.


With Jaunt VR, over 200 concerts, documentaries, travel and sports events are available to users. 360 ° video content gives you a truly immersive experience. Besides, there are good news, the application is absolutely free.

Superhot VR

This shooter game is perfect for thrill-seekers. Superhot managed to raise money on Kickstarter through crowdfunding, which means that the game immediately found its fans. 


The VR version of the shooter is laconic: there are no unnecessary details in the game world. Get ready to deal with opponents with lightning speed and chop bullets with your katana against the backdrop of snow-white walls. The main qualities in the world of Superhot VR are responsiveness and iron endurance. The graphics of the game create a sense of infinity, and the avant-garde images of the opponents make Superhot VR a work of art. Attention, the game is addictive!

Ocean Rift

The game plunges into unknown depths. This is the first virtual underwater safari park. Scuba diving? We are sure it was not as exciting as Ocean Rift. Feel like an explorer as you explore the underwater population – dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea snakes and lions, and even dinosaurs! Swim closer, meet and communicate with amazing creatures, which in our reality cannot be brought together. Each journey will be unique – all animals are created on the basis of artificial intelligence, so they behave differently. Be careful! Sharks and dinosaurs have not been fed for a long time.

Fractal Combat X

A first-class simulator for the iOS platform with excellent 3D graphics allows you to plunge headlong into the fascinating plot of a combat game. The game application is worked out to the smallest detail: a huge selection of aircraft designs, realistic landscapes and epic soundtracks. Everyone can feel like a pilot performing complex and highly important missions. 


Note that the use of VR technologies is not limited to the creation of games with a similar storyline. Graduates of modern flight schools are already preparing for future flights on special virtual simulators. Such an approach to training allows training qualified pilots who have worked through all possible routine and emergency situations.

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster

You don’t have to buy a ticket to visit the famous roller coasters or other attractions. It is enough to arm yourself with your mobile device, downloaded application and headset and you are guaranteed an adrenaline rush. Excellent graphics create an incredibly realistic picture, making the user feel every movement as if everything is happening in reality.

Google Street View

Walking around the world sights has become a real entertainment thanks to this application. Get a realistic VR travel experience with your smartphone and headset. This mobile version complements the Google Maps service and will help you plan a route through any terrain with a panoramic view. And with this application, you can create and upload your own panoramas yourself.


Though the technology is still in its infancy, VR is gradually becoming mainstream. Get ready for what comes next as the future is going to surprise you!