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7 Biggest Sporting Events in South Korea for 2024

South Korea stands at the forefront of blending traditional and modern sporting events, making it a unique hub for global sports enthusiasts in 2024. The country is preparing to host an array of major sporting events, from the grace of martial arts to the strategic battles of eSports. 

These events not only showcase South Korea’s capacity to host international competitions but also reflect the nation’s rich cultural heritage and how much the country embraces technological advancements in sports. 

South Korea’s Sporting Culture

Korea has always had a rich sporting culture. However, recently, toto sites have become increasingly popular in South Korea, offering fans a way to engage more deeply with the sports they love. 

According to, some of these sites offer fans the chance to bet on over 30 different sports, and within the live sports field, you can check the game results and progress in real time, and use the graphic board to place real-time bets. 

It’s no wonder then that sports betting has become massively popular in the country, with the industry adding to the excitement and intrigue that comes from the famous sporting events it regularly hosts. With that in mind, here’s a look at the 7 biggest sporting events in South Korea happening in 2024. 

  • Seoul Marathon 2024

The Seoul Marathon 2024 is poised to be a highlight in the international running calendar, drawing athletes and enthusiasts from around the globe to South Korea’s bustling capital. Renowned for its scenic route that takes runners past historic landmarks and modern marvels alike, the marathon offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and athletic challenge. 

As participants prepare to navigate the streets of Seoul, the event promises not only a test of endurance and speed but also an opportunity to experience the vibrant spirit and hospitality of the city. With its mix of flat stretches and gentle inclines, the Seoul Marathon caters to both seasoned marathoners seeking personal bests and newcomers aiming to complete their first major race. As the city comes alive with spectators cheering on the runners, the Seoul Marathon 2024 is set to be a memorable celebration of sport, community, and the unifying power of running.

  • World Taekwondo Championships

In 2024, the World Taekwondo Championships will return to South Korea, the birthplace of this esteemed martial art. This event will draw competitors, spectators, and bettors from across the globe, eager to witness the highest levels of skill and discipline. The championships not only celebrate the sport’s rich history but also its ongoing evolution, as athletes push the boundaries of what’s possible in taekwondo.

  • Busan e-Sports International Championship

The Busan e-Sports International Championship in 2024 underscores South Korea’s dominance in the eSports industry. Highlighting popular games and featuring some of the best professional gamers, this event reflects the dynamic nature of competitive gaming. eSports, with its blend of strategy, skill, and teamwork, continues to captivate a growing global audience, cementing its place in the world of competitive sports.

  • Asian X Games, Incheon

The Asian X Games in Incheon in 2024 will showcase the thrill of extreme sports, from skateboarding to BMX. This event celebrates the spirit of adventure and innovation, appealing to a young, vibrant audience that thrives on excitement, pushing limits, and wagering on outcomes. The X Games are a testament to the evolving landscape of sports, where traditional definitions expand to include new, exhilarating forms of competition.

  • Ulsan International Regatta

The Ulsan International Regatta will highlight the beauty and challenge of competitive sailing in 2024. Sailors from around the world will converge on the waters of the Korean Peninsula, showcasing their skills in a test of strategy, skill, and endurance. This event not only highlights South Korea’s beautiful coastline but also its potential as a prime destination for international sailing competitions.

  • Jeju International Ultramarathon

The Jeju International Ultramarathon offers a unique challenge for those seeking to push their limits beyond the traditional marathon distance. Set against the stunning natural beauty of Jeju Island, this event attracts ultra-runners from all over the world, combining the challenge of extreme-distance running with the island’s breathtaking landscapes.

  • Gangwon Winter Sports Festival

The Gangwon Winter Sports Festival in 2024 has already celebrated South Korea’s rich winter sports culture, set against the picturesque backdrop of the region’s snowy landscapes. From skiing to snowboarding, this festival offers a range of events that showcase the thrill and excitement of winter sports, inviting athletes and spectators to enjoy the legacy of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The festival was another smash hit, with tons of interactive sports and concerts that were a resounding success. 


The sporting events scheduled for 2024 in South Korea exemplify the nation’s diverse and vibrant approach to sports, encompassing everything from traditional martial arts to modern esports. These competitions not only offer a platform for showcasing athletic excellence but also foster a sense of global community and cultural exchange. 

As South Korea continues to host events that attract worldwide attention, its role in the global sports landscape is both celebrated and enhanced, offering memorable experiences for athletes and fans alike.