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7 Computer Productivity Tips to Remember

Write a to-do list. Take regular breaks. Move as much as you can during your workday. 

These and other tips are all designed to make you more productive on the job. And, while they may help you do more during the day, you have a specific issue, when it comes to productivity — you need to have more of it while working on your computer. 

Computer productivity isn’t always easy to come by. There are so many distractions that literally pop up on your screen. But if you know how to shut them and other issues down, you can work quickly and effectively throughout the day. 

Here are our nine best computer tips to remember. 

  1. Clean Up Your Desktop

Turn on your computer and what do you see? If the answer is “a desktop filled to the brim with files,” then it’s time for a clean-up. 

Not only can visual clutter cause you stress but a heap of files on your desktop is impossible to navigate. How often do you click on the right one? How often can you actually find what you’re looking for? 

Make your desktop work for you by deleting what you don’t need and only keeping the most essential shortcuts and files there. 

  1. Stick to the Keyboard

Let’s say you want to copy and paste some text on your computer screen. How would you do it? 

If you’d click and select copy with your mouse, then right-click and press copy, then right-click again to paste, well, you’ve wasted a lot of time. 

Computer pros have memorized all of the essential productivity shortcuts on their devices, and you should do the same. That way, you don’t have to take your hands on and off of the keyboard to perform each action. With your hands in one place — and a few presses of your keys — you’ll complete a task much quicker than before. 

On that note, if you don’t already, you might consider learning how to type without looking at the keys. This skill will save you so much time, and it doesn’t take long to acquire it. 

  1. Split Your Screen

Having more than one monitor is a boon to your productivity. It allows you to have multiple pages and applications open. You can reference information on one screen while you write on another, for example. 

Now, not all of us have the luxury of multiple screens, but we could use them. Otherwise, we’re just clicking through pages and apps constantly trying to find what we need — that is, unless you know how to split your screen. 

Learning how to split screen on Mac or on a PC will make it easy to work in one window with your reference material right next to it. Plus, you’ll block out any distractions that might pop up on other pages. That’s a win-win for your computer productivity, we think. 

  1. Install a Social Media Blocker

The average internet user spends two hours and 22 minutes on social media each day. That habit could easily be eating into your productivity. 

So, make your computer a distraction-free zone by installing a social media blocker. A quick Google search will pair you with a program, such as SelfControl, that you can download for free. Then, you can turn on the program when you want to stop yourself from scrolling such sites and focus on work. 

On top of that, be sure to turn off your notifications and set your phone to silent. That way, you won’t be tempted to divert your focus. 

  1. Improve Your Internet Connection

If one webpage takes forever to load, it makes sense that you’d get distracted. You might grab your phone and scroll while you wait. Still, chances are, you’ll end up texting or on Instagram for longer than it takes the website to appear because, well, it’s all very distracting. 

When sites and programs load quickly, though, there’s no use in dillydallying. Instead, you will be able to maintain your focus and mine the necessary information — no tempting pause required. So, call your internet provider to see if you can get an upgrade on your package for better internet to boost your productivity. 

  1. Create a To-Do List

We’ve already mentioned that to-do lists are a great tool in the struggle for productivity. Make one a part of your computer setup to inspire you throughout the day. 

You could go the old-school route and write down your to-do list on a sticky note. Just make sure you place the list on the edge of your computer screen so you’re aware of what has to be done throughout the day. You’ll find it hard to stray off task if you know all of the work awaiting you. 

Or, you might consider creating a to-do list on your computer screen. It will have the same effect as the handwritten one. And you’ll get the same satisfaction from virtually ticking off your tasks as you will scribbling them out with a pen. 

  1. Replace Your Computer

Finally, it may be that your computer itself is getting in the way of your productivity. An old device that takes forever to load programs and pages will still be a hindrance, even if you put all of the above practices into place. 

It’s a big expense to purchase a new computer, but it may be worth it for the sake of your productivity. If it’s your work computer that’s a clunker, bring it up with your manager or IT department. Make sure your argument for new technology centers on your productivity — it’s sure to persuade your higher-ups that you do, indeed, need a new computer. 

Boost Computer Productivity

Our PCs and Macs help us do so much with ease, but that doesn’t necessarily mean computer productivity comes for free. With these seven tips, though, you will be able to cut down on the distractions and make the most out of your device. And nothing feels better than finishing up a long shift and realizing, “Hey, I got a lot done today.” 

Be sure to check back with us for more tech tips that could further boost your productivity and feel-good vibes.