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7 Different Types of Thefts

Theft refers to taking other people’s property and money away in an illegal way. The thieves adopt other’s property by their names with a false appearance. Hence, they deprive the actual owner of their right on their property. It is a very serious and heinous crime and can be done in many ways. Here, we will discuss 7 different types of thefts people generally commit.

7 Different Types of Thefts Which are Most Common

Thefts are always considered as crimes, no matter what types they are. But based on the risk and penalties, people categorize thefts into several classifications. Among them, the most common thefts that people usually face are discussed below:


Nowadays, fraud is one of the most common types of thefts all over the world. Almost everywhere every day, people are facing this problem. Fraud is actually not directly connected with violence or terrorism. It basically involves deceiving someone by false pretension.

A person who is fraud will make you convince to handover your valuable information or property to them willingly. They will place such a forged appearance in front of you that you will bind to believe them. With their pleasant yet counterfeit apparition, they achieve their goal and cheat people randomly.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is mainly technology-based theft, where people cheat one another using various technological tools. These kinds of thieves are known as hackers. They hack your details such as your bank account details, your credit card number, your PIN, email account and so on. After hacking, they use them by your name and grab all your properties or money.

In this era of technological development, this identity theft is rising in a huge number day by day. The hackers make some attractive games or links to provoke you to sign up them and put your personal information. Once you do that, they take all your sensitive information to go in their hands. It is too tricky to be caught or found out.


Carjacking is a direct criminal offence. It refers to snatch away another person’s car or other vehicles by force. Normally, a group of people together attempt this kind of theft. They either use direct violence on the driver or make tricks and forces to give the vehicle to them. To do this heinous work, they often use harmful medicines or sprays to make people senseless or addicted. They are very dangerous; they even murder the owner and driver for the vehicle.


Robbery is another kind of common thefts. In this theft, the thieves incorporate direct violence and terrorism. They even use several perilous weapons to harm people. Robbers blackmail people with their weak points and give continuous threats to gain their desired things.

You will never imagine how much dangerous they are. Robbers usually demand something more valuable from you, for example, a huge amount of money or other property. They are ready to take your life to reach their goal.


Imposture is a very simple kind of theft, but its consequence is very troublesome. It means taking over another party’s property in one’s own name. Imposture is somehow related to fraudulence. In this type of theft, the thief illegally takes your property by his name. Like a fraud, he makes a false appearance in front of you and snatches all his desired property of yours by his name.


Burglary is committing deadly sins when the thief comes to your house, or you are invited to his house. It is a heinous crime. The thief comes to your house, either in the disguise of your relatives or in the actual form of a criminal.

The thief enters into your house and snatches all pricy things by making you senseless with some medicines. Or he might threat you with weapons. There is every chance of your life risk in the burglary.

Grand Theft

Grand theft involves robbing or stealing things of high price or value. This type of thief might take your valuable property, high price vehicles, your whole house, jewellery and many more. Grand thieves are very tricky and risky. They might capture your entire business or other properties. It is a serious criminal issue, and the laws for this theft are very strict in almost all the countries of the world.

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Theft is a criminal offence, whether it is petty or large, simple or serious. The laws for reducing these thefts are so strong and strict all over the world. People need to be more and more careful about all their personal information. Legal protection is always there for you. So, whenever you find any misconduct, immediately inform the legal authority for emergency help.