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7 Facts You Don’t Know About Live Casinos

Online technology increases in popularity all the time with aim to attract more gamblers and enhance user experience. Casino providers add regular games to their offer with accent on live casino chances. If you are not familiar with live casinos, we will talk about the latest trends when players engage in real gaming experience from their homes. Players enjoy games in real-time and events are broadcasted from live gaming studios. Online users can follow the games with live streaming link. For more information, read this review and find interesting facts about live casinos.

1. Players can interact with dealer via OCR software

Live dealer shuffles cards in real-time from live studio and players follow the entire action. Optical character recognition system (OCR) is used for recognition of the dealt cards. Data from the cards are translated and delivered to players via code.

2. Online players can reach support via live chat option
If you have any question during the game, just turn to live dealer and receive the response. Unlike other online casino games, live casino enables immediate interaction.

3. Evolution Gaming is a leading live casino provider
Evolution Gaming is one of the leading providers in the live casino industry. Its games stand out with quality and creativity. The company operates in three main locations: Canada, Malta, and Latvia. Evolution Gaming offers one of the most generous jackpots of €50,000.

Did you know that Online typen – – in Germany operate in a grey area? Meanwhile, the country works on gambling liberalization and Schleswig-Holstein is the only state which issues gambling licenses.

4. Live casino operation is costly

Casino operators who want to run live casino have massive costs. If you see the limited offer of live casino chances, remember that casino costs could be high. The main live casino expenses are connected with equipment, salaries of employees and game tables.

5. Dealer should be paid between 16K to 30K per year
Live dealer seems to perform a very profitable job. Those who are part of a reputable casino and work full-time can earn significant amounts of money. The salary for beginners stands at 16-18K per year. When we talk about US territory, the states with the highest wages are Texas, Maryland and Minnesota. In addition, employment in live casino comes with various perks including health insurance, free lunch, various discounts and similar.

6. Dealers should complete a special school or vocational program

Live dealers should pass courses and training if they want to work in a live casino. The program usually lasts up to six weeks and dealers can learn everything about specific games as well as about the legal part of the gaming.

7. Live dealer choice is based on appearance and personality
If you want to become a live dealer, pay attention to personal dress code and interaction with other players. Live dealer spends a lot of time in front of the screen and should demonstrate sophistication and high professionalism.

As you can see, live casinos are very practical and necessary in a fast-paced environment. That’s why leading casino operators continue to invest money in live gaming options. We recommend everyone to start live casino experience as soon as possible.